Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo. With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Gold Idol Badge Tri Peaks Solitaire December 29th 2004 Clear 240 "peaks"
High Stakes Showdown Badge High Stakes Poker December 29th 2004 Win 75 hands
Iguana Badge Jungle Gin December 22nd 2004 Win 40 hands
Pop City Badge Pop Fu December 22nd 2004 Pop 3,000 balloons  (not including the speed round)
Stake Your Claim Badge Texas Hold'em Poker December 15th 2004 Get 6 Jackpot Spins
Monkey Puzzle Badge Word Jong December 15th 2004 Solve 24 puzzles
Water Garden Badge Mahjong Garden December 8th 2004 Remove 2,000 tiles
Scarlet Badge Hearts December 8th 2004 Win 2 200-point games
Big Money Badge Jacks or Better December 1st 2004 Jacks or Better Poker Get a Full House or Better 4 times
Mrs. Diamond's Badge Pinochle December 1st 2004 Create 10 "Pinochles" (Queen of Spades + Jack of Diamonds)
Tumble Jumble Bumble Bee Badge Tumble Bees November 24th 2004 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Tex Carter's Treasure Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots November 24th 2004 Pick the top prize in the Treasure Chest Bonus Game 4 times
Too Cool for Pool Badge High Stakes Pool November 17th 2004 Win 20 games
Euchre Planet Badge Euchre November 17th 2004 Win 5 RATED games
King of the Board Badge Checkers November 10th 2004 Win 20 games
Love Meter Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire November 10th 2004 Collect 400 Hearts
Double Trouble Badge Backgammon November 3rd 2004 Roll Doubles 25 times
Pharaoh's Badge Phlinx November 3rd 2004 Win 90 rounds
Scary Sweets Badge Sweet Tooth October 27th 2004 Get 25 Jackpot Spins
Scavenger Hunter Badge World Class Solitaire October 20th 2004 Get 20 Passport Stamps
Gold Jack Badge Buckaroo Blackjack October 20th 2004 Get 1 Gold Jack
Bone Pile Badge Dominoes October 13th 2004 Win 65 games
WordJong Garden Badge Wordjong October 13th 2004 Spell 150 words of 5 or more letters
Bing-Gong Badge Fortune Bingo October 6th 2004 Get a Jackpot Spin 50 times
Silver Cup Badge Turbo 21 October 6th 2004 Win 3,000 tokens
Breakin' Spades Badge Spades September 29th 2004 Win 5 500-point games
Fugu Lagoon Badge Squelchies September 29th 2004 Make a Combo of 3 or more groups of Squelchies 50 times
2 for His Heels Badge Cribbage September 22nd 2004 Win 8 RATED Games
Zany Zucchini Badge Word Whomp Whackdown September 22nd 2004 Win 3,000 tokens (including Jackpot Spins!)
Open Hearts Badge Hearts September 15th 2004 Win the game by 15 points or more 15 times
Magic Lamp Badge Ali Baba Slots September 15th 2004 Get 50 "magic lamps"
Ribbit! Badge Poppit! September 8th 2004 Release 1000 Frog Prizes
Gold Cup Winner Badge Dice Derby September 8th 2004 Win 9 9-lap races
Canastavision Badge Canasta September 1st 2004 Make 20 "Canastas"
Bathroom Humor Badge Jokers Wild Poker September 1st 2004 Get a Flush or Better 10 times
Royal Jelly Badge Tumble Bees August 25th 2004 Get 50 tokens or more in a Jackpot Spin 5 times
Chain Reaction Badge Sweet Tooth August 25th 2004 Get 30 Tokens or more in a Jackpot Spin 10 times
Koi Pond Badge Pop Fu August 18th 2004 Win 8,000 tokens  (including Jackpot Spins!)
Nine-Banded Armadillo Badge Texas Hold'em Poker August 18th 2004 Win 9 hands
Trump Club Badge Euchre August 11th 2004 Win the game by 2 points or more twice
Temple of the Stars Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire August 11th 2004 Reach the 3X Bonus Multiplier 5 times
Cleopatra's Badge Phlinx August 4th 2004 Make 50 groups of 10 or more stones fall to the ground
Supersonic Flight Badge World Class Solitaire August 4th 2004 Get 6 Passport Stamps
What a Wonderful Whirlpool Badge Squelchies July 28th 2004 Reach the Jellyfish Bonus Round 8 times
Tribal Drums Badge Jungle Gin July 28th 2004 Win one 500-point match
Royal Coup Badge Chess July 21st 2004 Finish 5 games
Smooth Sailing Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire July 21st 2004 Move your ship forward 150 spaces on the game board
Backgammon Beavers Badge Backgammon July 14th 2004 Win 18 games
Summer Garden Badge Mahjong Gardens July 14th 2004 Complete 18 animals
Pool Shark Badge High Stakes Pool July 7th 2004 Win 2,500 tokens  (NOT including wagers or Jackpot Spins)!
Silver Crown Badge Payday Freecell July 7th 2004 Clear 200 "Payday Scratch" bonus cards(4 bonus cards per game)
Skunk Zone Badge Cribbage June 30th 2004 Win 10 121-point games
Revvin' it Up Badge Turbo 21 June 30th 2004 Get 3 Jackpot Spins
Window Seat Badge World Class Solitaire June 23rd 2004 Win the game 20 times
A Heart in Your Future Badge Hearts June 23rd 2004 Win 5 25-point games
Sun Disk Badge Phlinx June 16th 2004 Get a Jackpot Spin 10 times
Play Dominoes! Badge Dominoes June 16th 2004 Win the game 20 times
Cash Advance Badge Payday Freecell June 9th 2004 Win 15 games
Made for Spades Badge Spades June 9th 2004 Win 3 250-point RATED games
Sweet Tooth Floss Badge Sweet Tooth June 2nd 2004 Get 50 tokens or more in a Jackpot spin 8 times
Night and Day Badge Fortune Bingo June 2nd 2004 Correctly cover 800 numbers
Arrrrr! Badge Swashbucks May 26th 2004 Get a Jackpot Spin 20 times
Euchre Club Badge Euchre May 26th 2004 Win 6 games
Stumpy's Blackjack Badge Buckaroo Blackjack May 19th 2004 Get Blackjack 50 times
Ride 'em Armadillo Badge Texas Hold'em Poker May 19th 2004 Win 5 hands
Gopher's Den Badge Word Whomp May 12th 2004 Find EVERY SINGLE WORD 3 times
Kingmaker Badge Checkers May 12th 2004 Change 200 Single Checkers into Kings
Changing Seasons Badge Mahjong Gardens May 5th 2004 Make identical matches for all 8 of the Seasons tiles in 24 puzzles
Bee My Honey Badge Tumble Bees May 5th 2004 Get 8 Jackpot Spins
Director's Chair Badge Showbiz Slots April 28th 2004 Get 100 "Director's Chairs"
Rack'em Up Badge High Stakes Pool April 28th 2004 Win 1,200 tokens  (NOT including wagers or Jackpot Spins)
Double Your Money Badge Double Deuce Poker April 21st 2004 Win with at least "Jacks or Better" 222 times
Lost Temple Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire April 21st 2004 Clear 333 "Peaks"
Sun Bridge Badge Pop Fu April 14th 2004 Win 3,000 tokens
Carrot Torpedo Badge Word Whomp Whackdown April 14th 2004 Reach the Speed Round 200 times
Perfect Pilot Badge World Class Solitaire April 7th 2004 Win the game 10 times
Chucky's Challenge Badge Squelchies April 7th 2004 Remove 3,000 Squelchies
Tea Garden Badge Mahjong Gardens March 31st 2004 Complete 24 animals
Word Miner Badge Word Whomp Whackdown March 31st 2004 Find 400 words
Gotta Gammon Badge Backgammon March 24th 2004 Win 15 games
Stamp of Approval Badge World Class Solitaire March 24th 2004 Get 5 Passport Stamps
Secret Stash Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire March 17th 2004 Get to the Gold Treasure Chest 15 times
Hidden Cactus Badge Pop Fu March 17th 2004 Win the Speed Round 15 time
Turbo King Badge Turbo 21 March 10th 2004 Get 100 21's
Bubblebelly Badge Squelchies March 10th 2004 Clear 30 waves
Pretzel Party Badge Poppit March 3rd 2004 Release 100 Pretzels
Candy Bar Badge Sweet Tooth March 3rd 2004 Get 15 Jackpot Spins
Tent of Fortunes Badge Fortune Bingo February 25th 2004 Win 1,500 tokens
Faster than Fido Badge Word Whomp Whackdown February 25th 2004 Find EVERY WORD (in the Main Round and Speed Round) 3 times
Bonehenge Badge Dominoes February 18th 2004 Win 12 RATED Games
Jet Set Badge World Class Solitaire February 18th 2004 Complete 3 cities
Royal Heartbreaker Badge Hearts February 11th 2004 Win 7 Games
Sun Disc Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire February 11th 2004 Get a "10 Card Streak" or better 7 times
Yee-haw! Badge Buckaroo Blackjack February 4th 2004 Get a Silver Jack 50 times
Parrot Party Badge Jungle Gin February 4th 2004 Get Gin 25 times
Fu Fighter Badge Pop Fu January 28th 2004 Reach the Speed Round 100 times
Power Putter Badge Pebble Beach Golf January 28th 2004 Get 2 Jackpot Spins
Cribbage Club Badge Cribbage January 21st 2004 Win 5 121-pt Games
Royal Standard Badge First Class Solitaire January 21st 2004 Win 20 games
Racing Circuit Badge Dice Derby January 14th 2004 Finish 180 laps
Card Flipper Payday Freecell January 14th 2004 Win 25 games
Cavity King Badge Sweet Tooth January 7th 2004 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Ba-da Bingo! Badge Fortune Bingo January 7th 2004 Win 2,000 tokens