Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo. With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Purple Panda Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker December 28th 2005 Win 60 hands
Turbo Tiller Badge Harvest Mania December 28th 2005 Get 15 Jackpot Spins
All Whomped Out Badge Word Whomp December 21st 2005 Win 8 games IN A ROW
Breakin' Hearts Badge Hearts December 21st 2005 Win the game by 10 points or more 10 times
Hiiiiyaaaaahhhhh!!! Badge Pop Fu December 14th 2005 Reach the Speed Round 75 times
Canastaville Badge Canasta December 14th 2005 Earn 6,000 tokens
Bamboo Badge Mahjong Garden December 7th 2005 Remove 3,000 tiles
Easy Street Badge 6th Street Omaha Poker December 7th 2005 Get "3 of a kind" or better (without using Jokers) 8 times
Meep's Badge Stellar Sweeper November 30th 2005 Win 100 "perfect games"
Golden Snake Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire November 30th 2005 Reach the 3X Bonus Multiplier 3 times
Stomp n' Chomp Badge Poppa Zoppa November 23rd 2005 Find 20 hidden reactor pieces
Tower of Words Badge Word Jong November 23rd 2005 Spell 20 words of 7 or more letters
Squelchie Pop Badge Poppit November 16th 2005 Release 25 purple Squelches
Blue Night Badge Pinochle November 16th 2005 Earn 2,000 tokens
Ukulele Badge Casino Island Blackjack November 9th 2005 Use the "Bust Protector" 8 times
Pilot's Badge World Class Solitaire November 9th 2005 Earn 6,000 tokens
Crossword Connection Badge QWERTY November 2nd 2005 Score a "Connection Bonus" 3 times
T.G.I Payday Badge Payday FreeCell November 2nd 2005 Get 25 or more bonus points on a Bonus Card 75 times
Spooky Spells Badge Spooky Slots October 26th 2005 Get "2 Bats" 5 times
Bingo Ball Badge Fortune Bingo October 26th 2005 Get 40 Jackpot Spins
Silver Carrot Badge Word Whomp Whackdown October 19th 2005 Find 1,000 words
Magic Numbers Badge Cribbage October 19th 2005 Win 8 121-point games
Penguins On Ice Badge Penguin Blocks October 12th 2005 Collect 300 pieces of seafood
Buffalo Badge Buckaroo Blackjack October 12th 2005 Win 2,500 tokens
Double Decker Badge Checkers October 5th 2005 Get 10 Jackpot Spins at Win 6,000 tokens
Double Deuce Badge Double Deuce Poker October 5th 2005 Get a Straight or better 15 times
Team Lottso Badge Lottso September 28th 2005 Place 1000 balls on the Lottso Cards
Rain Drop Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire September 28th 2005 Win 3,000 tokens
Speak Squelchies Badge Squelchies September 21st 2005 Get 10 Jackpot Spins at least MEDIUM Difficulty level
Hold 'em or Fold 'em Badge Texas Hold 'em Poker September 21st 2005 Win 12 hands
Bear Off Badge Backgammon September 14th 2005 Win 20 games
Spike's Badge Poppit September 14th 2005 Win 3 games IN A ROW
Magic Tophat Badge Euchre September 7th 2005 Win the game by 2 points or more 3 times
Turbo Boost Badge Turbo 21 September 7th 2005 Win 3,000 tokens
Pillars of Hercules Badge Vaults Of Atlantis August 31st 2005 Get "3 Gold Coins" 30 times
Tiki Waterfall Badge Jungle Jin August 31st 2005 Get "Gin" 50 times
Dealer's Choice Badge High Stakes Poker August 24th 2005 Win 30 hands with "3 of a kind" or better
Max Hunter's Badge Aces Up August 24th 2005 Remove 1000 Cards
Mummy Badge Phlinx August 17th 2005 Release 2,500 Stones
Bronze Crown Badge Payday Freecell August 17th 2005 Clear 150" Payday Scratch" bonus cards
Lucky Dragon Badge Mahjong Garden August 10th 2005 Win 3,000 tokens
Canasta Club Badge Canasta August 10th 2005 Win 8 games
Here Comes the Sun Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire August 3rd 2005 Win 15 games
Bzzzzzzz Badge Tumble Bees August 3rd 2005 Get 7 Jackpot Spins
Baby Zoppa Badge Poppa Zoppa July 27th 2005 Collect 30 Eggs
Magic Carpet Badge Ali Baba Slots July 27th 2005 Get "3 Magic Carpets" 20 times
Red Hot Lava Badge Casino Island Black Jack July 20th 2005 Win 300 hands
Narrow Escape Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire July 20th 2005 Get a 10-card streak or better 9 times
Lucky scratchers badge Lottso July 13th 2005 Activate 20 lottso cards
Wedding Bells Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire July 13th 2005 Make 60 "Perfect Matches"
Veggie Veggie Badge Harvest Mania July 6th 2005 Harvest 1,600 veggies
Blue Moon Badge Hearts July 6th 2005 "Shoot the Moon" once
Gold Crown Badge Payday FreeCell June 29th 2005 Earn 1,000 "bonus points"
Jazzy Moon Badge Pinochle June 29th 2005 Win 8 hands with a bid of 55 or more
All Night Omaha Badge 6th Street Omaha Poker June 22nd 2005 Get a Full House or better 15 times
Sugar Syrup Badge Sweet Tooth June 22nd 2005 Get 30 tokens or more in a Jackpot Spin 15 times
Balloon Baboon Badge Poppit June 15th 2005 Release 2,500 prizes
Yukon Euchre Badge Euchre June 15th 2005 Win 5 games
Captain Winsome's Badge High Stakes Pool June 8th 2005 Win 30 games
Wild Wild WordJong Badge WordJong June 8th 2005 Earn 30 WILD tiles
Bust a Move Badge Turbo 21 June 1st 2005 Get 200 21s
Double Skunk Badge Cribbage June 1st 2005 Win 20 61-point games
Come Fly With Me Badge Aces Up! May 25th 2005 Add 200 planes to your squadron
Double Duck Badge Backgammon May 25th 2005 Roll Doubles 20 times
Shrimpy's Badge Squelchies May 18th 2005 Remove 5,000 Squelchies
Dot Dot Dot Badge Dominoes May 18th 2005 Win 5 games with at least 15 points more than your opponent
Royal Duet Badge Pinochle May 11th 2005 Create 5 "Royal Marriages" (King and Queen in the trump suit)
Sunken Treasure Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots May 11th 2005 Win 3,500 tokens
Five Sixes Badge Dice Derby May 4th 2005 Win 15 hands without hitting any hazards
Tricks 'N Trumps Badge Spades May 4th 2005 Win 2 1000-points games
Pandas Playing Poker Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker April 27th 2005 Reach the top of the stairs and light the bonus rocket 10 times
Silver Idol Badge Tri Peaks Solitaire April 27th 2005 Win 40 hands
Jungle Piranha Badge Jungle Gin April 20th 2005 Score 1000 Gin points (not tokens)
Itsy Bitsy Spider Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire April 20th 2005 Clear 200 columns
Lots o' Balls Badge Lottso April 13th 2005 Activate 50 cards
Lots o' Butter Badge Showbiz Slots April 13th 2005 Spin the reels to get 150 tubs of popcorn
Showdown Badge Texas Hold'em Poker April 6th 2005 Get 9 Jackpot Spins
Free Flying Badge First Class Solitaire April 6th 2005 Win 2 games IN A ROW
Card Up Your Sleeve Badge Casino Island Black Jack March 30th 2005 Use an "Up Your Sleeve" card 7 times
Spelling Bee Badge Tumble Bees March 30th 2005 Get 30 Tokens or more in a Jackpot Spin 15 times
King's Chalice Badge Chess March 23rd 2005 Win 2 games
Anemone Badge Squelchies March 23rd 2005 Win 6,000 tokens  (including Jackpot Spins)
Green Dragon Badge Mahjong Garden March 16th 2005 Celebrate 4 "birthdays" with your dragon
Two Pair Badge High Stakes Poker March 16th 2005 Win 50 hands with "Two Pair" or better
Soc Fu Badge Pop Fu March 9th 2005 Solve 200 puzzles in the Main Round
Heart on a Sleeve Badge Hearts March 9th 2005 Take the Jack of Diamonds for -10 points 10 times
Fortune Symbol Badge WordJong March 2nd 2005 Earn 5 Jackpot Spins
Pool Party Badge High Stakes Pool March 2nd 2005 Win 2,000 tokens  (NOT including wagers or Jackpot Spins)!
The Diamond King's Badge Payday FreeCell February 23rd 2005 Win 2,000 "bonus points"
Monolith Badge Dominoes February 23rd 2005 Win 5,000 tokens  (including Jackpot Spins)
Circlin' the Globe Badge World Class Solitaire February 16th 2005 Complete 4 cities
Supersonic Spades Badge Spades February 16th 2005 Win 8 250-point games
Sun Shower Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire February 9th 2005 Win 10 games
Jumpin' Bean Badge Checkers February 9th 2005 Capture 250 checkers
Six Sax Badge Pinochle February 2nd 2005 Earn 6 Jackpot Spins
Pop 'Til You Drop Badge Poppit February 2nd 2005 Pop 3,000 balloons
Burstin' Love Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire January 26th 2005 Collect 241 Hearts
Poseidon's Trident Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots January 26th 2005 Get "3 Tridents" 50 times
Isis Badge Phlinx January 19th 2005 Win 5,000 tokens
Shooting Star Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker January 19th 2005 Guess the Bonus Bet correctly 100 times
Doubling Cube  Badge Backgammon January 12th 2005 Move 20 of your opponent's pieces to the bar

Barrel Roll Badge Aces Up January 12th 2005 Win 20 hands
Word Farm Badge Word Whomp January 5th 2005 Win 3,000 tokens
Fantasta Canasta Badge Canasta January 5th 2005 "Meld Out" before your opponent(s) 20 times