Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo. With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Royal Matchmaker Badge Blackjack Carnival December 26th 2007 Win 10 "Royal Match" Side Bets
Martial Artist Badge Popfu December 26th 2007 Solve 150 puzzles in the Main Round
Aviator Badge Aces Up! December 19th 2007 Remove 2,000 cards
Canasta Master Badge Canasta December 19th 2007 Win 25,000 Canasta Points
Bumpin' Up to First Class Badge First Class Solitaire December 12th 2007 Win 25 games
Domino Hero Badge Dominoes December 12th 2007 Score 5 or more points on your turn 100 times
Carrot Cruncher Badge Word Whomp December 5th 2007 Win 20 games on Skill Level 2 or higher
1,000 Mile High Badge Thousand Island Solitaire December 5th 2007 Get a "Perfect 1,000" on 50 piles
"SOLD!" Badge Dice City Roller November 28th 2007 Win 15 Auctions
Gimme Five Badge Turbo 21 November 28th 2007 Get 25 "5 Card Gimmes"
8x8 Badge Poppit! November 21st 2007 Make 64 SUPER POPS(Pop groups of 8 or more balloons 64 times!)
Scatter Slots Badge Vaults Of Atlantis November 21st 2007 Earn 3 or more Scatter symbols in 1 spin
Dare to Spare Badge Pogo Bowl November 14th 2007 Bowl 80 "Spares"
Tomb of the Golden Tokens Badge Tri-peaks Solitaire November 14th 2007 Win 4,000 tokens(including Jackpot Spins!)
Seeing Double Badge Double Deuce Poker November 7th 2007 Get a Flush or better 4 times
Whomp-a-licious badge Word Whomp November 7th 2007 Win 2,000 tokens
White Rabbit's Badge Wonderland Memories October 31st 2007 Collect 200 White Rabbit cookies
Destiny Badge Fortune Bingo October 31st 2007 Get 35 Jackpot Spins
Comic Capers Badge Hangman Hijinks October 24th 2007 Solve 75 words (not including the Bonus Round)
Jack-o-Lantern Badge Spooky Slots October 24th 2007 Win 200 tokens in the Free Spin Bonus
Pyramid Scheme Badge Phlinx October 17th 2007 Win 1000 tokens
You Guessed It! Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker October 17th 2007 Guess the Bonus Bet correctly 250 times
Be My Sweetheart Badge Hearts October 10th 2007 Win the game by 15 points or more 10 times
Hog Halo Badge Hog Heaven Slots October 10th 2007 Use 25 halos
Be One Bingo Badge Bingo Luau October 3rd 2007 Correctly predict when the "B1" ball will be called 3 times
High Tide Badge Ride The Tide October 3rd 2007 Win 300 hands
Payday Secret Weapon Badge Payday Freecell September 26th 2007 Win 10 games with 200 tokens or more (including Jackpot Spins)
The Sky's the Limit Badge No Limit Texas Hold'Em September 26th 2007 Win 5 Jackpot Spins
Round and Round Badge Phlinx September 19th 2007 Win 60 rounds(Win 4 rounds for a Jackpot Spin.)
Double Six, Double Six Badge Backgammon September 19th 2007 Roll Double Sixes twice
Hearts Collection Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire September 12th 2007 Collect 300 Hearts
Wild Stars Badge Lottso! September 12th 2007 Place 200 wild star balls on the game cards
The Big Nada Badge Hearts September 5th 2007 Take ZERO Hearts in 30 games
Rainbow's End Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire September 5th 2007 Win 20 games on NORMAL difficulty level or higher!
Bumper Crop Badge Harvest Mania August 29th 2007 Complete 75 seasons
Bumper Cars Badge Shuffle Bump August 29th 2007 Win 3,000 tokens
Attack 'n Capture Badge Chess August 22nd 2007 Capture 40 pieces
World Tourist Badge World Class Solitaire August 22nd 2007 Complete 6 cities
31 Badge Cribbage August 15th 2007 Score "2 for 31" 15 times! (Finish the game to check your progress!)
Silver Pin Badge Pogo Bowl August 15th 2007 Knock down 8 Silver Pins
Word Searcher Seeks Badge Word Search Daily August 8th 2007 Find 80 words on Medium difficulty level or higher
Green Duckies Badge Stack 'em August 8th 2007 Clear 1,000 green duckies
Raise The Stakes Badge Lost Temple Poker August 1st 2007 Win 60 hands
Whack'em Down Badge Word Whomp Whackdown August 1st 2007 Win 4,000 tokens (including Jackpot Spins!)
Temple of Tiles Badge Mahjong Garden July 25th 2007 Complete 50 puzzles with the "temple" tiles on Medium difficulty level or higher
Squelchies in Love Badge Squelchies July 25th 2007 Win 1,500 tokens on Medium difficulty level
Air Show Badge Aces Up! July 18th 2007 Get 10 Jackpot Spins
Pool Party 2007 Badge High Stakes Pool July 18th 2007 Win 4,000 tokens (NOT including wagers or Jackpot Spins!)
Freeze 3's Badge Canasta July 11th 2007 Get 50 Red 3's(Finish the game to earn your Red Threes!)
50-Hand Badge Tripeaks Solitaire July 11th 2007 Win 50 hands
Penguin Profits Badge Penguin Blocks July 4th 2007 Create 80 combos of 2 or more pieces of seafood
Word Stumper Badge Word Whomp July 4th 2007 Find 150 5-letter words
Knock-knock Badge Jungle Gin June 27th 2007 Win 3 700-point matches
Wordjong Summer Badge Wordjong June 27th 2007 Spell 100 words of 5 or more letters
Bad Hair Day Badge Makeover Madness June 20th 2007 Deliver 100 brown hairdos
Dancing Queen Badge Payday Freecell June 20th 2007 Win 2,500 tokens
99 Lift-Off Badge First Class Solitaire June 13th 2007 Place 999 cards in the "foundation stacks"
Go Team Go! Badge Lottso June 13th 2007 Activate 75 cards
Back Attack Badge Backgammon June 6th 2007 Win 25 games
Danger Duck Badge Quick Quack June 6th 2007 Win 1,500 tokens
Duke Euchre Badge Euchre May 30th 2007 Play the Jack of Trump (the Right Bower) 15 times!
Jumpin' Froggie Badge Greenback Bayou May 30th 2007 Jump 30 flowers in the Bonus Game
Escape to Casino Island Badge Casino Island Blackjack May 23rd 2007 Get 15 Jackpot Spins
Candy Cruncher Badge Sweet Tooth May 23rd 2007 Get EXACTLY 50 tokens in a Jackpot Spin once
Poker Royale Badge High Stakes Poker May 16th 2007 Win 8 hands with a "Flush" or better
Zany Bee Badge Tumble Bees May 16th 2007 Win the bonus game 10 times
Push Pin Badge Poppit May 9th 2007 Use the "push pin" power-up to pop a single balloon 30 times
Spades Spaniel Badge Spades May 9th 2007 Win 14 hands
Wild Hog Badge Hog Heaven Slots May 2nd 2007 Collect 10 Hog Heaven symbols
Smackdown Badge Word Whomp Whackdown May 2nd 2007 Reach The Speed Round 100 times
Lap Counter Badge Dice Derby April 25th 2007 Finish 100 laps
Diva Doggies Badge Makeover Madness April 25th 2007 Give a bone to 50 dogs
Jazz Festival Badge Pinochle April 18th 2007 Win the bid AND win the hand 12 times
Riddle Of The Phlinx Badge Phlinx April 18th 2007 Make 20 groups of 5 or more stones fall to the ground
Zoom Zoom Zoom Badge Turbo 21 April 11th 2007 Get 300 Blackjacks! (A Blackjack is a 21 with only 2 cards.)
Zig-Zag Zone Badge Shuffle Bump April 11th 2007 Reach the Bonus Round 10 times
Four-for-One Badge Blooop April 4th 2007 Make 44 matches of 4 or more discs
Royal Court Badge Payday Freecell April 4th 2007 Win 2 games in 150 moves or less
Professor Wordsworth's Badge Word Craft March 28th 2007 Find 300 words on MEDIUM difficulty level or higher
Jump for Joy Badge Checkers March 28th 2007 Change 30 Single Checkers into Kings
Raise The Stakes Badge High Stakes Pool March 21st 2007 Win 10 "Cutthroat" games
Fu Master Badge Pop Fu March 21st 2007 Win 4,000 tokens (including Jackpot Spins)!
Doodle Daredevil Badge Hangman Hijinks March 14th 2007 Solve 20 puzzles
Gas Jet Badge Stellar Sweeper March 14th 2007 Discover 20 gas jets (Each gas jet turns into a letter in the word "S.P.I.N." when you complete a puzzle.)
Token Fortune Badge Fortune Bingo March 7th 2007 Win 3,000 tokens
Fantasy Flight Badge World Class Solitaire March 7th 2007 Win 10 games with 400 tokens or more
Save For A Rainy Day Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire February 28th 2007 Clear 100 foundation stacks
Mogul Badge Dice City Roller February 28th 2007 Correctly place 100 dice on the cards
Stack 'em Up Badge Stack 'em February 21st 2007 Remove 7 or more animals with one move 100 times
Blankety-Blank Badge QWERTY February 21st 2007 Play 100 blank tiles
Hearts & Diamonds Badge Hearts February 14th 2007 Take the Jack of Diamonds for -10 points 12 times
Perfect Paramour Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 14th 2007 Get 10 Jackpot Spins
When Pigs Fly Badge Hog Heaven Slots February 7th 2007 Clear 80 flying pigs from the bonus area at the top of the screen
Cozy Crib Badge Cribbage February 7th 2007 Win 10 RATED games
Momma Zoppa's Badge Poppa Zoppa January 31st 2007 Create 15 chains of 15 or more
Winter Snowflake Badge Mahjong Garden January 31st 2007 Make identical matches for all 8 of the Seasons tiles in 18 puzzles
Power Of Three Badge Aces UP! January 24th 2007 Add 33 planes to your Squadron
Threes Please Badge Canasta January 24th 2007 Get 30 Red 3's
Psychic Readings Badge Fortune Bingo January 17th 2007 Correctly cover 600 numbers
Can't Stop the Pop Badge Poppit January 17th 2007 Win 4,000 tokens
Platinum Crown Badge Payday Freecell January 10th 2007 Win 20 games
Panda Rocket Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker January 10th 2007 Reach the top of the stairs to set off the "Bonus Bet Rocket" 7 times
Blackjack Attack Badge Casino Island Blackjack January 3rd 2007 Get 15 Blackjacks
Hit Your Peak Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire January 3rd 2007 Clear 300 "peaks"