Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Erase the Year Badge Hangman Hijinks December 31st 2008 Solve 5 bonus words
Holiday Hogs Badge Hog Heaven Slots December 31st 2008 Clear 120 flying pigs from the bonus area at the top of screen
Foggy Glasses Badge Fortune Bingo December 24th 2008 Win 1000 tokens
Snow Golf Badge Golf Solitaire December 24th 2008 Complete 25 bonus puzzles
Lost Our Sheep Badge Stack 'em December 17th 2008 Remove 600 sheep
Melding Ice Badge Canasta December 17th 2008 Win 4000 tokens
Anubis' Badge Phlinx December 10th 2008 Win 25 rounds
Carrot-cicle Badge Word Whomp December 10th 2008 Win 15 games IN A ROW
Spade Invaders Badge Spades December 3rd 2008 Work with your partner to win 100 tricks
Spidey Sense Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire December 3rd 2008 Win 3 games IN A ROW
Leftover Turkey Badge Pogo Bowl November 26th 2008 Bowl 33 Strikes
Personalized Plates Badge Turbo 21 November 26th 2008 Win 3500 tokens
Cardivore Badge Lottso! November 19th 2008 Activate 55 cards
Nose Knows Badge Word Whomp Whackdown November 19th 2008 Win 4000 tokens
Glow in the Dark Badge Greenback Bayou November 12th 2008 Catch 50 fireflies
Coat-of-Arms Badge Payday FreeCell November 12th 2008 Clear 120 Payday Scratch bonus cards
Mellow Out Badge Sweet Tooth 2 November 5th 2008 Clear 1200 caramel spaces
Piece of the Pie Badge Trivial Pursuit November 5th 2008 Correctly answer 100 questions
Pretty Predictable Badge Bingo Luau October 29th 2008 Correctly predict when the B1 ball will be called 5 times
Year of the Rat Badge Mahjong Garden October 29th2008 Remove 1000 tiles
We're All #1 Badge KenoPop! October 22nd 2008 Win the Shared Number bonus 2 times
Kiss the Sky Badge Aces Up! October 22nd 2008 Win 15 hands
Square Pegs Badge Cribbage October 15th 2008 Win 9 121-point games
Round Stones Badge Phlinx October 15th 2008 Make 88 groups of 10 or more stone fall to the ground
Ticket to Ride Badge Monopoly October 8th 2008 Land on a Transport Space 12 times
Frequent Flyers Badge First Class Solitaire October 8th 2008 Place 500 cards in the foundation
Craftsmanship Badge Word Craft October 1st 2008 Open 5 treasure boxes
3-D Badge Showbiz Slots October 1st 2008 Spin the reels to get 200 3-D glasses
Share Your Acorns Badge Everyone Wins Bingo September 24th 2008 Pass 25 wilds to other players
Season to Season Badge Harvest Mania September 24th 2008 Complete 75 seasons
Pogo Buddies Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire September 17th 2008 Collect 50 "Pogo Buddies" to unlock the Tiki Brothers Bonus Game
Prize Popper Badge Poppit! September 17th 2008 Release 2,000 prizes
Color Me Pink Badge Makeover Madness September 10th 2008 Deliver 120 pink hairdos
Puzzle World Badge Jigsaw Treasure Hunter September 10th 2008 Win 4,500 tokens
Oklahoma Tiki Party Badge Jungle Gin September 3rd 2008 Win 28 hands of Oklahoma Gin
Magical Mysteries Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire September 3rd 2008 Get to the Gold Treasure Chest 6 times
Jewel Juggler Badge Ali Baba Slots August 27th 2008 Get one Jewel of Ultimate Luckiness
Air Acrobats Badge Aces Up! August 27th 2008 Win 40 hands
Misty Seas Badge Thousand Island Solitaire August 20th 2008 Win 3,000 tokens
Right Bower Badge Euchre August 20th 2008 Play the Jack of Trump (the Right Bower) 18 times
LOVE for 7 Points Badge Scrabble August 13th 2008 Win 7 games(Play with Pogo's House Rules only!)
Duckie Freestyle Badge Quick Quack August 13th 2008 Get 12 streaks of 30 or more ducks
Shadow Puppets Badge Mahjong Garden August 13th 2008 Celebrate 2 birthdays with your dragon
Cheshire Cat's Badge Wonderland Memories August 6th 2008 Earn the Cheshire Cat's "All Showing" Bonus once
Volcano Vog Badge Casino Island Blackjack August 6th 2008 Win 5,000 tokens
Double Back Badge Backgammon July 30th 2008 Roll Doubles 40 times
Word Whomp Welcome Badge Word Whomp July 30th 2008 Find 55 5-letter words
Sea Creature Badge Squelchies July 23rd 2008 Make a Combo of 3 or more groups of Squelchies 60 times
Royal Marriages Badge Pinochle July 23rd 2008 Create 12 Royal Marriages (King and Queen in the trump suit)
Flight Attendant Badge World Class Solitaire July 16th 2008 Win 20 games with 300 tokens or more
Jungle Cat Badge Jungle Gin July 16th 2008 Get GIN 15 times
Chain Gang Badge Poppa Zoppa July 9th 2008 Create 40 chains of 7 or more
Perfect Sweeper Badge Stellar Sweeper July 9th 2008 Win 60 perfect games
Hula Luau Badge Bingo Luau July 2nd 2008 Correctly cover 1,000 numbers
Giant Panda Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker July 2nd 2008 Guess the Bonus Bet correctly 5 times IN A ROW
Following Suit Badge Euchre June 25th 2008 Win 1 game by 2 points or more
Royal Highness Badge Payday Freecell June 25th 2008 Clear 175 "Payday Scratch" bonus cards
Golfin' Away Badge Golf Solitaire June 18th 2008 Win 4,000 tokens
Aardvark Badge Mahjong Safari June 18th 2008 Complete a puzzle in 3 minutes or less 50 times
Lots o' Lottso Badge Lottso! June 11th 2008 Place 600 balls on the game cards
Perfect Word Badge Word Whomp Whackdown June 11th 2008 Find EVERY WORD (in the main round and Speed Round) once
Blackjack Blowout Badge Blackjack Carnival June 4th 2008 Get 25 Blackjacks
Power Popper Badge Pop Fu June 4th 2008 Pop 1,000 balloons on MEDIUM Skill Level or higher (not including the speed round)
Secret Stash Badge Vaults Of Atlantis Slots May 28th 2008 Win 5,500 tokens
WordJong Bird Song Badge Word Jong May 28th 2008 Spell 36 words of 6 or more letters
Chess Champ Badge Chess May 21st 2008 Win 1,000 tokens
4 Match Badge Sweet Tooth 2 May 21st 2008 Make 100 "4 Match" combos
Must Play Pogo Badge Addiction Solitaire May 14th 2008 Correctly place 500 cards
Spades Superstar Badge Spades May 14th 2008 Win 3 1,000-point games
Big Game Badge Mahjong Safari May 7th 2008 Win 3,000 tokens
Madame Dottie's Badge Fortune Bingo May 7th 2008 Correctly cover 1,000 numbers
Exit Row Badge First Class Solitaire April 30th 2008 Win 3,000 tokens
Strive for Fives Badge Dice City Roller April 30th 2008 Clear 25 "5 of a Kind" cards
Go Go Gopher Badge Word Whomp April 23rd 2008 Find EVERY SINGLE WORD in one puzzle on Skill Level 2 or higher
Big Cheese Badge Sudoku Puzzle Blast April 23rd 2008 Solve 12 puzzles WITHOUT using any hints
Valley of the Kings Badge Phlinx April 16th 2008 Make 5,000 matches
Tune In and Meld Out Badge Canasta April 16th 2008 Meld out before your opponents 12 times
Bubble Battle Badge Blooop April 9th 2008 Make 10 HORIZONTAL matches of 4 or more discs
Ancient Artifact Badge Tripeaks Solitaire April 9th 2008 Get a 10-card streak or better 10 times
Chicken Squares Badge Stack 'em April 2nd 2008 Clear 999 yellow chickens
Fun 31 Badge Shuffle Bump April 2nd 2008 Score 31 points or more in a single round 10 times
Keen on Keno Badge Keno Pop! March 26th 2008 Get 4 Jackpot Spins
Lucky Shirt Badge Pogo Bowl March 26th 2008 Earn 4,000 tokens
Pandemonium Badge Poppit! March 19th 2008 Release 20 Panda Prizes
Orchid Lei Badge Bingo Luau March 19th 2008 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Hundred Hand Badge Dominoes March 12th 2008 Win 100 hands
Cloud Burst Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire March 12th 2008 Win 8 games
Squishy Squelchies Badge Squelchies March 5th 2008 Reach the Jellyfish Bonus Round 12 times
9-Ball Badge High Stakes Pool March 5th 2008 Win 9 "9-Ball" games
Spare Change Badge Lottso February 27th 2008 Activate the Charity Card 25 times
Pedal to the Metal Badge Turbo 21 February 27th 2008 Get 40 Jackpot Spins
Treasure Island Badge Thousand Island Solitaire February 20th 2008 Reach 20 treasure chests
Backwards Badge Word Search Daily February 20th 2008 Find 50 words that are buried backwards
Heart Of Gold Badge Hearts February 13th 2008 Win 10 50-point games
Port Of Call Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 13th 2008 Visit 5 ports
Ducks in a Row Badge Quick Quack February 6th 2008 Reach the Bonus Game 15 times
Volcano Badge Casino Island Blackjack February 6th 2008 Win 200 hands
Bass Note Badge Pinochle January 30th 2008 Win 5,000 tokens
Supermodel Badge Makeover Madness January 30th 2008 Make it to the Supermodel Bonus Show 3 times
Back-to-Back Badge Dice Derby January 23rd 2008 Win 2 races IN A ROW
Pogo Tiles Badge Mahjong Garden January 23rd 2008 Remove 3,500 tiles using the special "Pogo" tile set
Quest for Question Marks Badge Super Dominoes January 16th 2008 Capture 25 Question Mark ("?") tiles
World Class City Badge World Class Solitaire January 16th 2008 Complete 5 cities
Word Nerd Badge QWERTY January 9th 2008 Play 35 words of 5 letters or more
Three Times as Sweet Badge Sweet Tooth 2 January 9th 2008 Make a "Combo X3" bonus 200 times
Tribal Chief Badge Jungle Gin January 2nd 2008 Score 1,500 Gin points (not tokens)
Interplanetary Badge Stellar Sweeper January 2nd 2008 Left-click to clear 2,000 squares (Win the game to collect your progress