Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Kung Fu Cactus Badge Pop Fu December 30th 2009 Pop 1,000 balloons
Connect Effect Badge QWERTY December 30th 2009 Score a Connection Bonus 2 times
Pilot Wings Badge Aces Up! December 23rd 2009 Win 3,500 tokens
Slice and Dice Badge Dice City Roller December 23rd 2009 Correctly place 350 dice
Hooray Beret Badge Canasta December 16th 2009 Make 25 Canastas
You're Gonna Make It After All Badge Makeover Madness December 16th 2009 Serve 500 customers
Express Yourself Badge Lottso! Express December 9th 2009 Reach the second goal 15 times
Monopolize Badge Monopoly December 9th 2009 Roll doubles 15 times
Direct Hit! Badge Battleship December 2nd 2009 Get 300 hits
Winter Search Badge Word Search Daily December 2nd 2009 Find 120 words
Soda Pop Badge KenoPop! November 25th 2009 Win 7,000 tokens (Including Jackpot Spins)
Mystic Garden Badge Mahjong Garden November 25th 2009 Match identical Flower tiles 60 times
100 Percent Cacao Badge Sweet Tooth 2 November 18th 2009 Collect 7 Chocolate Coins
Pinned Down Badge Pogo Bowl November 18th 2009 Knock down 400 pins
Going Green Badge Mini Golf Madness November 11th 2009 Win 4,000 tokens
Stone Idol Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire November 11th 2009 Use a 'wild card' 35 times
Got the Munchies Badge Word Whomp Whackdown November 4th 2009 Munch 75 total veggies
Ice Dice Badge Yahtzee Party! November 4th 2009 Score 20 or more in Chance 25 times
Creepy Crawlers Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire October 28th 2009 Clear 150 foundation stacks
Quackadoodle Deux Badge Quick Quack October 28th 2009 Get 10 Jackpot Spins
Boss Hog Badge Hog Heaven Slots October 21st 2009 Win 3,000 tokens
Hot Pursuit Badge Trivial Pursuit October 21st 2009 Answer 150 questions
Lots o' Laughs Badge Lottso! October 14th 2009 Activate 30 Team Lottso cards
Golden Cards Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire October 14th 2009 Correctly place 800 cards
Crimson Crustacean Badge Crossword Cove October 7th 2009 Successfully complete 3 puzzles on Easy difficulty level
Scarlet Scarab Badge Phlinx October 7th 2009 Make 3,000 matches
Daubbin' Dots Badge Fortune Bingo September 30th 2009 Correctly cover 750 numbers
Squelchy School Badge Squelchies September 30th 2009 Get 15 Jackpot Spins on Easy difficulty level or higher tokens
Bumble Tees Badge Tumble Bees September 23rd 2009 Win 30 games
Golf Cart Badge Golf Solitaire September 23rd 2009 Reach Par or better 50 times
Straight Cash Badge Monopoly Slots September 16th 2009 Win 30,000 tokens
Perfect Autumn Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire September 16th 2009 Move your ship forward 125 spaces on the game board
Birthday Cake Badge Crazy Cakes September 9th 2009 Serve 100 desserts
Poppin' Party Badge Poppit! September 9th 2009 Win 100 games on Skill Level 2
Vowel Power Badge Boggle Bash September 2nd 2009 Find 60 words that begin with a vowel
Orange Tree Badge Thousand Island Solitaire September 2nd 2009 Use the Lifesaver Powerup 3 times
Cold and Clammy Badge Boardwalk Sea Ball August 26th 2009 Win 4,500 tokens
Infinity and Beyond Badge Stellar Sweeper August 26th 2009 Discover 40 gas jets
Towers of Dollars Badge MONOPOLY August 19th 2009 Pass GO 25 times
Private Jet Badge World Class Solitaire August 19th 2009 Win a game with 250 tokens or more 25 times
Oasis Badge Ali Baba Slots August 12th 2009 Win 4,000 tokens
Rolling Stones Badge Phlinx August 12th 2009 Remove 5,000 stones
Snake Eyes Badge Dice City Roller August 5th 2009 Earn a Clear Bonus 30 times
Roadblock Badge Turbo 21 August 5th 2009 Get 150 Blackjacks
Now You See The Tooth Badge Sweet Tooth 2 July 29th 2009 Make a 'Combo 2x' bonus 100 times
Heart To Heart Badge Hearts July 29th 2009 Win 8 50-point games
Premium Passenger Badge First Class Solitaire July 22nd 2009 Complete 25 foundation stacks
Admit One Badge Showbiz Slots July 22nd 2009 Spin the reels to get 150 Popcorn Tubs
Slitherin' Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire July 15th 2009 Win 25 hands
Hog Warts Badge Stack 'em July 15th 2009 Clear 600 pink pigs
Saxophone Hero Badge Pinochle July 8th 2009 Win 3,000 tokens
Fortune Cookie Badge Word Jong July 8th 2009 Solve 20 puzzles
Beach Barbeque Badge Bingo Luau July 1st 2009 Correctly cover 800 squares
Water Balloons Badge Poppit! July 1st 2009 Release 150 Frog prizes
Cheese Stands Alone Badge Sudoku Puzzle Blast June 24th 2009 Win 3,000 tokens
Whomptastic Badge Word Whomp June 24th 2009 Reveal the special 'golden word' 35 times
Shampoodle Badge Makeover Madness June 17th 2009 Make $50,000 in tips
This Little Piggy Badge Hog Heaven Slots June 17th 2009 Collect 50 Hog Heaven symbols
Tea Tray Badge Wonderland Memories June 10th 2009 Defeat the Queen 8 times
Capsule Toy Badge Lottso! Express June 10th 2009 Complete 30 Super Lottso cards
Lion Sleeps Tonight Badge Jungle Gin June 3rd 2009 Underknock your opponent 4 times
Insomnia Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire June 3rd 2009 Give 6 Token Gifts
New Umbrella Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire May 27th 2009 Win 15 games without using any Bonus Free Columns
Wild Canasta Badge Canasta May 27th 2009 Make 15 Canastas with NO WILDS
Rainbow Duckie Badge Quick Quack May 20th 2009 Get a Rainbow Streak 8 times
Confetti Badge YAHTZEE Party May 20th 2009 Get 25 Jackpot Spins
Veggie Trails Badge Harvest Mania May 13th 2009 Harvest 1,000 veggies
Year of the Ox Badge Mahjong Garden May 13th 2009 Remove 1,200 tiles using the "Animal" puzzle set
All The King's Men Badge Payday FreeCell May 6th 2009 Win 10 games
Wild Burners Badge Everyone Wins Bingo May 6th 2009 Call 100 bingos with a wild pinecone
Missing Piece Badge Jigsaw Treasure Hunter April 29th 2009 Win 7,500 tokens
Hidden Word Piece Badge Word Search Daily April 29th 2009 Solve 10 Random Puzzles
End Of The Road Badge Turbo 21 April 22nd 2009 Get 12 '5 Card Gimmie'
Sketchpad Badge Hangman Hijinks April 22nd 2009 Solve 40 puzzles
Teleporter Badge Shuffle Bump April 15th 2009 Reach the Bonus Round 30 times
Honey Comb Badge Tumble Bees April 15th 2009 Spell the Buzz Word 25 times
Night Flying Badge Aces Up! April 8th 2009 Add 50 planes to your squadron
Sweet Embrace Badge Sweet Tooth 2 April 8th 2009 Match 5 Wild Candies
Tile Bag Badge SCRABBLE April 8th 2009 Play a Blank Tile 5 times
Wildlife Watching Badge Poppit! April 1st 2009 Pop 5,000 balloons
Aisle Seat Badge World Class Solitaire April 1st 2009 Get 12 passport stamps
Wildlife Watching Badge Mahjong Safari March 25th 2009 Match 300 tiles
Jail Break Badge MONOPOLY Here & Now March 25th 2009 Go to Jail 10 times (Just visiting doesn't count)
Tiki Tan Badge Bingo Luau March 18th 2009 Correctly cover 600 numbers
Pin Pals Badge Pogo Bowl March 18th 2009 Knock down 5 Gold Pins
Cloverfish Badge Vaults Of Atlantis Slots March 11th 2009 Win 6,000 tokens
Slice Of Life Badge Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 March 11th 2009 Earn wedges on 7 daily or calendar quizzes
Bakenator Badge Crazy Cakes March 4th 2009 Serve 300 humans
Corner Pocket Badge High Stakes Pool March 4th 2009 Win 2,000 tokens(Does not include wagers)
Missing Sock Badge Sockhop Slots February 25th 2009 Spin the reels to get at least 1 coin 100 times
Master Shipwright Badge Thousand Island Solitaire February 25th 2009 Play 350 fixer cards
Follow The Leader Badge Euchre February 18th 2009 Win 3 games by 2 or more
Bonsai Badge Mahjong Garden February 18th 2009 Complete 25 animals
Wave Of Love Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 11th 2009 Win 3,000 tokens
Shoot The Moon Badge Hearts February 11th 2009 Win 20 Games
Check Mates Badge Checkers February 4th 2009 Win 10 games
King Squelchies Badge Squelchies February 4th 2009 Remove 4,000 Squelchies
Loyal to the Game Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire January 28th 2009 Earn 7,000 tokens
Picture Me Rollin' Badge Dice City Rollers January 28th 2009 Clear 77 cards
WordJong Winter Badge WordJong January 21st 2009 Earn 50 WILD tiles
Party Time Badge Yahtzee Party! January 21st 2009 Get 5 Yahtzees
Gigantic Acorn Badge Everyone Wins Bingo January 14th 2009 Call 400 bingos
Temple Ruins Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire January 14th 2009 Get a 10-card streak or better 8 times
Domino Effect Badge Dominoes January 7th 2009 Win 10 games
XLR-8 Badge Stellar Sweeper January 7th 2009 Get 30 Jackpot Spins