Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Itching to Scratch Badge Lottso! November 17th 2010 Activate 11 Team Lottso cards
Pizza Pie Badge TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20 November 17th 2010 Win 1,100 tokens
Big Boggle Bash Badge BOGGLE Bash November 10th 2010 Find 700 words
Tai Chi Trio Badge Mahjong Garden November 10th 2010 Remove 1,100 tiles
Tripping Through the Tomb Badge Phlinx November 3rd 2010 Win 71 rounds
In the Spotlight Badge Showbiz Slots II November 3rd 2010 Spin the reels to get 111 Megaphones
Popliacci Badge Poppit! October 27th 2010 Collect 100 prizes
Pesty Problem Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire October 27th 2010 Get to the Gold Treasure Chest 20 times
Unusual Suspects Badge MONOPOLY Slots October 20th 2010 Win 6,000 tokens
Intergalactic Fender Bender Badge Stellar Sweeper October 20th 2010 Get 10 Jackpot Spins
Forever Young Badge Ride The Tide October 13th 2010 Win 25 hands
Num Num Badge Word Whomp October 13th 2010 Reveal the special gold word as the 1st word 1 time
Duper Dominoes Badge Super Dominoes October 6th 2010 Land your tiles on score multiplier 20 times
Tea and Cakes Badge Crazy Cakes October 6th 2010 Serve 100 muffins
Lotsa Hot Air Badge Balloon Bounce September 29th 2010 Inflate 200 giant balloons
Clear the Deck Badge World Class Solitaire September 29th 2010 Visit 10 cities
Dandy Drawing Badge Hangman Hijinks September 22nd 2010 Win 3,000 tokens
Sour 'n Sweet Tooth Badge Sweet Tooth 2 September 22nd 2010 Clear 500 caramel spaces
Hit or Miss Badge BATTLESHIP September 15th 2010 Sink 19 Carrier ships
Leaf Boat Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire September 15th 2010 Clear 25 suited sets
Lonesome Lunch Badge Shuffle Bump September 8th 2010 Win 35 Matches
Choo Choo Badge Lottso! Express September 8th 2010 Get 70 Bingos
All for One Badge Spades September 1st 2010 Win 2 500-Point games
Letters for the Editor Badge Word Search Daily September 1st 2010 Complete 14 Daily Puzzles
Monopoly 75th Anniversary Badge MONOPOLY August 25th 2010 Pass "Go" 75 times
Cruise Crush Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire August 25th 2010 Collect 138 hearts
Fast and Loose Badge High Stakes Pool August 18th 2010 Sink 168 balls
Pasture Eyes Badge Stack 'em August 18th 2010 Remove 288 cows
Mind Over Balloon Badge Pop Fu August 11th 2010 Solve 68 Puzzles
Gopher Broke Badge Word Whomp Whackdown August 11th 2010 Play 1 perfect game
Puzzle Me This Badge Jigsaw Treasure Hunter August 4th 2010 Get 10 Jackpot Spins
Can't Squelch This Badge Squelchies August 4th 2010 Remove 1,288 Squelchies
Dizzy Ducks Badge Boardwalk Sea Ball July 28th 2010 Cross the finish line in Battle Boats 10 times
Cheddar Champ Badge Sudoku Puzzle Blast July 28th 2010 Reveal the 5x multiplier 3 times
Peace Treaty Badge RISK July 21st 2010 Win 2 games
Worker Bee Badge Tumble Bees July 21st 2010 Spell 80 words in bonus games
Skid Marks Badge Dice Derby July 14th 2010 Win 15 laps without hitting any hazards
Tea for Two Badge Wonderland Memories July 14th 2010 Collect 80 rabbits
Night Vision Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies July 7th 2010 Complete 1 episode
Give a Hoot Badge Word Craft July 7th 2010 Solve 100 puzzles before the timer expires
Need for Speed Badge Turbo 21 June 30th 2010 Get 250 21's
Hang Ten Badge Bingo Luau June 30th 2010 Correctly cover 500 numbers
Torpedo Badge BATTLESHIP June 23rd 2010 Sink 100 ships
Frizzy Hair Badge Makeover Madness June 23rd 2010 Make it to "Day 5" 5 times
Connect the Dots Badge Dominoes June 16th 2010 Play a 'Double 6' 10 times
Complimentary Beverage Badge First Class Solitaire June 16th 2010 Win 2 games IN A ROW
My Favorite Things Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire June 9th 2010 Correctly place 1,200 cards
Sound of Music Badge Pinochle June 9th 2010 Win your bid 15 times
Tee Time Badge Golf Solitaire June 2nd 2010 Win 3,500 tokens
Maize Maze Badge Harvest Mania June 2nd 2010 Win 10 Jackpot Spins
Hieroglyphics Badge Phlinx May 26th 2010 Make 75 groups of 5 or more stones fall to the ground
Baby Carrots Badge Word Whomp May 26th 2010 Find 15 6-letter words
Crystal Gong Badge Fortune Bingo May 19th 2010 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Duck, Duck, Goose Badge Quick Quack May 19th 2010 Get 100 streaks of 15 ducks or more
Pair of Deuces Badge Double Deuce Poker May 12th 2010 Get a Two Pair or better 100 times
Floating Chest Badge Thousand Island Solitaire May 12th 2010 Get a 'Perfect 1000' on 100 piles
Forty Thieves Badge Ali Baba Slots May 5th 2010 Win 100 tokens from the Spin to Win Bonus
WordJong Spring Badge WordJong May 5th 2010 Spell 15 7-letter words
Flower Power Badge Flower Daze April 28th 2010 Convert 2,500 orange flowers
Sneak Peak Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire April 28th 2010 Clear 250 peaks
Creature Comfort Badge Beaker Creatures April 21st 2010 Win 3,000 tokens(Including Jackpot spins)
Chip Shot Badge Mini Golf Madness April 21st 2010 Finish a hole under par or better 60 times
Hermit Crab Badge Crossword Cove April 14th 2010 Earn 12 star powerups
Spring Saplings Badge Everyone Wins Bingo April 14th 2010 Call 50 vertical bingos
Hip Cat Badge Canasta April 7th 2010 Meld out before your opponents 7 times
Goggles Do Nothing Badge Aces Up! April 7th 2010 Remove 1500 cards
Upside Down Cake Badge Crazy Cakes March 31st 2010 Meet the Goal for 25 rounds without losing any customers
Lottso Lava Badge Lottso! March 31st 2010 Activate 30 silver-bordered cards
Remodeling Badge Dice City Roller March 24th 2010 Win 10 auctions
Middle Seat Badge World Class Solitaire March 24th 2010 Complete 6 cities
Year of the Tiger Badge Mahjong Garden March 17th 2010 Make identical matches for all 8 of the Seasons tiles in 8 puzzles
Pin Monkey Badge Pogo Bowl March 17th 2010 Bowl 100 Spares or Strikes
Pwned! Badge Chess March 10th 2010 Capture 50 pieces
Refill Badge Lottso! Express March 10th 2010 Complete 200 bingos
Hula Hoop Badge Bingo Luau March 3rd 2010 Get 10 bingos
Light Up the Meter Badge KenoPop! March 3rd 2010 Play any power-up 25 times(Finish the game to check your progress)
First to Board Badge First Class Solitaire February 24th 2010 Complete 12 foundations
Roll the Hard Six Badge YAHTZEE Party February 24th 2010 Roll 6 Yahtzees with 'sixes'
Bashful Badge BOGGLE Bash February 17th 2010 Find 100 words that do NOT contain the letter 'e'
Pretty Word Badge Word Search Daily February 17th 2010 Find 20 'Gift Words'
Wingin' It Badge Hog Heaven Slots February 10th 2010 Collect 30 halos
Holey Molar Badge Sweet Tooth 2 February 10th 2010 Match 3,000 pieces of candy
Hearts on Fire Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 3rd 2010 Visit 7 ports (Reach 5 spaces marked with a star on the game board)
Mountain Climbing Badge Puck's Peak February 3rd 2010 Reach 30 checkpoints (Checkpoints appear every 100 meters)
Tile Tree Badge Mahjong Safari January 27th 2010 Make 30 5X combos
Convertible Badge Thousand Island Solitaire January 27th 2010 Play 200 Distance cards
Scrabble Rousers Badge Scrabble January 27th 2010 Create 30 5-letter words
Frozen Acorn Badge Everyone Wins Bingo January 20th 2010 Pass 100 wilds (Wilds passed to yourself do not count)
Convertible Badge Turbo 21 January 20th 2010 Get 200 Blackjacks
Rope Bridge Badge Lost Temple Poker January 13th 2010 Win 75 hands (Your payout must be more than your wager to win)
It All Adds Up Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire January 13th 2010 Get 12 Jackpot Spins
Thorny Thicket Badge Jungle Gin January 6th 2010 Score 750 gin points (not tokens)
Rainbow Wedge Badge Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 January 6th 2010 Win 6,000 tokens