Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Warm Whompy Glow Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire December 28h 2011 Win 12 hands
Playing Squash Badge WordJong December 28th 2011 Solve 12 puzzles
Vitamin Sea Badge Thousand Island Solitaire December 21st 2011 Match 42 Scurvy and Fruit cards
Feeding Time Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots December 21st 2011 Earn 6200 tokens
Graffiti Panda Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker December 14th 2011 Guess the Bonus Bet correctly 48 times
Chalk Up A Win Badge High Stakes Pool December 14th 2011 Win 3 games
Shivering Timbers Badge Swashbucks December 7th 2011 Get 12 Jackpot spins
Back Scratcher Badge Payday FreeCell December 7th 2011 Earn 1,200 tokens
Love Conquers All Badge Hearts November 30th 2011 Take ZERO Hearts in 11 hands
Voodoo You Do Badge Blackjack Carnival November 30th 2011 Get 31 Blackjacks
Body Of Evidence Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies November 23rd 2011 Complete one episode within 45 minutes
I Love Two Cans Badge Jungle Gin November 23rd 2011 Win 5 500-point matches
Love to Haight Badge Flower Daze November 16th 2011 Convert 3000 Pink color flowers
Peggin Along Badge Cribbage November 16th 2011 Win 10 games
Gas Attack Badge Balloon Bounce November 9th 2011 Win 15 games
Dog On A Roof Badge Spades November 9th 2011 Earn 700 tokens (Not including Jackpot spins)
Golden Nose Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire November 2nd 2011 Win 30 games (Reach the Gold Treasure Chest to win)
Eyes For You Badge Jacks or Better Poker November 2nd 2011 Earn 1,000 tokens
Wood Be Winner Badge Lost Temple Poker October 26th 2011 Win 15 Jackpot spins
Bad Luck Bowling Badge Pogo Bowl October 26th 2011 Knock down 2,000 pins
Toasted Dice Badge YAHTZEE Party October 19th 2011 Roll 6 Yahtzees with 'sixes' (Free Play and Super Yahtzees do not count)
That Tears It Badge Showbiz Slots October 19th 2011 Win more than your bet 150 times
Wet Kiss Badge Greenback Bayou October 12th 2011 Catch 25 fireflies
Man The Pegs Badge BATTLESHIP October 12th 2011 Sink 15 battleships
Reflections Badge Phlinx October 5th 2011 Make 100 groups of 10 or more stones fall to the ground
Piece O' Treasure Badge Jigsaw Treasure Hunter October 5th 2011 Earn 1,500 tokens
Achoo To You Badge SCRABBLE September 28th 2011 Create two or more words in a single turn 59 times
Scrappy Backgammon Badge Backgammon September 28th 2011 Roll 19 doubles
Mahjong Crackers Badge Mahjong Safari September 28th 2011 Solve a puzzle in 4 minutes or less 29 times
Belay Delay Badge Puck's Peak September 21st 2011 Earn 19 stars (Win the game to collect the stars)
Ninja Sea Stars Badge Crossword Cove September 21st 2011 Use a hint 8 times
Great Day For Play Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire September 14th 2011 Clear 9 red suited sets
Bust-A-Boggle Badge BOGGLE Bash September 14th 2011 Find 95 words with any of the P,O,G,O letters
Spike Meets The Sims Badge Poppit! September 14th 2011 Win 20 games on Skill Level 2 or higher
Coconuts For Bingo Badge Bingo Luau September 7th 2011 Get 10 Jackpot spins
Mental For Dominoes Badge Dominoes September 7th 2011 Play a 'double 4' domino 9 times
Unsinkable Badge BATTLESHIP August 31st 2011 Complete 5 games with at least 5 ships afloat
Lightning Strikes Badge Thousand Island Solitaire August 31st 2011 Match 111 Limit and End Limit cards
Snake Eyes Yahtzee Badge YAHTZEE Party August 24th 2011 Get 30 cumulative points in the 'Aces' category
Afternoon Tea Badge Wonderland Memories August 24th 2011 Earn 3,000 tokens playing Wonderland Memories
Sweet Sheep Dreams Badge Stack 'em August 17th 2011 Remove 700 sheep
Form an Orderly Queue Badge QWERTY August 17th 2011 Make 10 words containing the letter Q(u)
Jailhouse Rock Badge MONOPOLY The World Edition August 10th 2011 Land in jail 3 times
Totally Addicted Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire August 10th 2011 Win 2 games without using power-ups
Organic Canasta Badge Canasta August 3rd 2011 Make 10 natural canastas
S-S-Stingeroo Badge Tumble Bees August 3rd 2011 Spell 50 words of 4 or more letters that start with the letter S
Trivia Trap Badge TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20 July 27th 2011 Answer 40 questions correctly
You Got Euchred Badge Euchre July 27th 2011 Play the Jack of Trump (the Right Bower) 7 times
Yacht Sea Badge YAHTZEE Party July 20th 2011 Roll 7 ‘Yahtzee’
Too Much Of A Good Thing Badge Word Whomp July 20th 2011 Find 100 3-letter word
Trojan Balloon Badge Poppit! July 13th 2011 Collect 17 Bee prizes
Playground Pals Badge Shuffle Bump July 13th 2011 Earn 700 tokens
Winners Windows Badge World Class Solitaire July 6th 2011 Win 5 Jackpot Spins
Sam And Spades Badge Spades July 6th 2011 Win 3 games
Runway Right-of-Way Badge First Class Solitaire June 29th 2011 Earn 600 tokens
Do The Twist Badge Sock Hop Slots June 29th 2011 Unlock 1 Musical Note
Slobber Clobber Badge Balloon Bounce June 22nd 2011 Defeat 600 enemies
Candy Comfort Badge Sweet Tooth 2 June 22nd 2011 Match 36 Wild Candies
Monkeyshine Badge Aces Up! June 15th 2011 Win 6 Jackpot Spins
Product Placement Badge Turbo 21 June 15th 2011 Earn 600 tokens
Synch Or Swim Badge Squelchies June 8th 2011 Clear 60 waves
Deadly Wallflower Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies June 8th 2011 Finish one episode within 45 minutes 2 times
The Mummy’s Curse Badge Golf Solitaire June 1st 2011 Clear 6 Bonus Round puzzles
Cheese Stands Alone Badge Stack ‘em June 1st 2011 Remove 400 dogs
Bacon Donuts Badge Hog Heaven Slots May 25th 2011 Smash 35 purple piggy banks
Giving Con-scent Badge Tumble Bees May 25th 2011 Spell 35 words of 6 letters or more
All-Star Review Badge Crossword Cove May 18th 2011 Solve 35 across words without using any hints
Too Shy To Fly Badge YAHTZEE Party May 18th 2011 Roll 35 wild dice(Play in Wild Mode Rooms)
All Hands On Deck Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire May 11th 2011 Clear 15 black suited sets
Frosty Bottle Badge KenoPop! May 11th 2011 Collect 10 vertical power-ups
Mine All Mine Badge BATTLESHIP May 4th 2011 Sink 5 reinforcement ships
Deadly Paper Cut Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire May 4th 2011 Use a 'Wild Card' 8 times
Boneyard Dog Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire April 27th 2011 Win 10 Jackpot Spins
Lottso Latte Badge Lottso! April 27th 2011 Activate 40 cards
Triple Vision Badge SCRABBLE April 27th 2011 Win 6 games
Mint Condition Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire April 20th 2011 Reshuffle the deck 40 times
Tomb It May Concern Badge Phlinx April 20th 2011 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Clear Choice Badge QWERTY April 13th 2011 Play 30 blank tiles
Three Wise Monkeys Badge Mahjong Safari April 13th 2011 Make 40 Animal Combos
Bingo Was His Name-O Badge Everyone Wins Bingo April 6th 2011 Earn 5,000 tokens playing Everyone Wins Bingo
Pinnacle Point Badge Puck’s Peak April 6th 2011 Build 15,000 meters
Bashed Potato Badge BOGGLE Bash March 30th 2011 Find 75 words that use the letters P, O, G, or O
Cat’s Meow Badge Wonderland Memories March 30th 2011 Earn the Cheshire Cat’s ‘All Showing’ Bonus 3 times
Bombastic Bingo Badge Bingo Luau March 23rd 2011 Earn 3,000 tokens playing Bingo Luau
Be Bop Baby Badge Canasta March 23rd 2011 Win a 'frozen pile' game 8 times
Rock Paper Scissors Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies March 16th 2011 Find 100 hidden objects
Trivia Watcher Badge TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20 March 16th 2011 Earn 1,300 tokens
Sea Suspects Badge Boardwalk Sea Ball March 9th 2011 Hit 300 squid
Homesick Badge Poppit! March 9th 2011 Release 30 pretzel prizes
Aiming for a Deck Badge Aces Up! March 2nd 2011 Get 30 Jackpot Spins
Home Under the Range Badge Word Whomp March 2nd 2011 Earn 3,000 tokens playing Word Whomp
Ooh La La Badge Pogo Bowl February 23rd 2011 Knock down 1,521 pins(Your pins are counted after you complete each game)
Luggage Limit Badge World Class Solitaire February 23rd 2011 Earn 82 power-ups
Magnificent Magpie Pie Badge Payday FreeCell February 16th 2011 Get 10 or more bonus points in a 'Payday Scratch' Bonus Card 20 times
You Know It's No Badge Word Search Daily February 16th 2011 Complete 21 bonus puzzles
Double Dutch Duo Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 9th 2011 Win 22 Jackpot Spins
Sweet Valentine Badge Sweet Tooth 2 February 9th 2011 Win 21 games
Overstuffed Overhead Badge First Class Solitaire February 2nd 2011 Win 10 Jackpot Spins
Bearly a Hole-in-One Badge Mini Golf Madness February 2nd 2011 Play 211 Holes
Overgrown Zucchini Badge Harvest Mania January 26th 2011 Harvest 2,011 vegetables
Super Fly Badge Turbo 21 January 26th 2011 Get 210 21's
Full o' Nuts Badge Everyone Wins Bingo January 19th 2011 Call 110 Bingos
Ducky Squared Badge Stack 'em January 19th 2011 Get 7 Jackpot Spins
Eating Out Badge Squelchies January 12th 2011 Earn 2,011 tokens
Honey Hazard Badge Tumble Bees January 12th 2011 Win the Bonus Game 10 times
Dice Squad Badge YAHTZEE Party January 5th 2011 Get the upper score card bonus 10 times
Out Came the Sun Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire January 5th 2011 Win 5 games without using any Bonus 'Free Columns'