Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Cat-a-Tonic Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies August 21st 2013 Finish one episode with no more than 3 hints used
Super Joker Badge Slingo Blast August 21st 2013 Make 80 horizontal Slingos
Relic Hunter Badge Amazing Adventures August 14th 2013 Find 18 relics (Play full missions)
Vault Raider Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots August 14th 2013 Reach the Atlantis Vault bonus game 8 times
String of Wins Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire August 7th 2013 Win 8 games on normal or above difficulty
Pin Pusher Badge Pogo Bowl August 7th 2013 Knock down pin number one 80 times
Color Remover Badge Sweet Tooth 2 July 31st 2013 Use 17 'remove all candy of one color' power-ups
Trip-Up Badge SCRABBLE July 31st 2013 Earn 37 triple letter score bonuses
Good Eye Badge Connect 4 July 31st 2013 Make 71 'connect 4's
Crushing It Badge Zuma's Revenge July 24th 2013 Get 17 fruit bonuses
Blackout Blitz Badge Everyone Wins Bingo July 24th 2013 Blackout 7 cards
Captain Pop-ular Badge Poppit! July 17th 2013 Win 10 games on Skill Level 3
Feeling Blue Badge KenoPop! July 17th 2013 Score with a blue ball 10 times
Golden Rule Badge Word Whomp July 10th 2013 Win 10 games on skill level 3
In-Flight Bonus Badge First Class Solitaire July 10th 2013 Earn 10 Jackpot spins
Letter Opener Badge Turbo 21 July 3rd 2013 Earn 970 tokens in the bonus game
Mysterious Case Badge Sherlock Holmes July 3rd 2013 Find 87 objects
Letter Opener Badge Letters from Nowhere June 26th 2013 Find 76 objects
Think Green Badge Flower Daze June 26th 2013 Earn 37 power-ups
Mister Chips Badge High Stakes Poker June 19th 2013 Win 14 games
Puzzle Master Badge Golf Solitaire June 19th 2013 Clear 16 bonus round puzzles
Brass Ring Badge Wonderland Memories June 12th 2013 Collect 600 cookies
Tea Time Badge Big City Adventure June 12th 2013 Finish 2 episodes
Brass Ring Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker June 5th 2013 Win both hands 100 times
Ends With "S" Badge BOGGLE Bash June 5th 2013 Find 80 words that end with the letter 's'
Hold the Line Badge MONOPOLY Slots May 29th 2013 Win 3 or more lines on a single spin 25 times
Good Times Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher May 29th 2013 Finish an episode within 35 minutes
City Hopper Badge World Class Solitaire May 22nd 2013 Visit 5 cities
Falling Stars Badge Dice City Roller May 22nd 2013 Place 35 star dice
No Prisoners Badge Hearts May 15th 2013 Take Zero hearts in 10 hands
Gem Smasher Badge Bejeweled Twist May 15th 2013 Complete 20 levels
Kilometer King Badge Puck's Peak May 8th 2013 Win 5 '1000 Meter' games
Coin Dealer Badge Canasta May 8th 2013 Win 3150 tokens (including Jackpot Spins)
Baby Tiki Badge Jungle Gin May 1st 2013 Earn 500 Gin points
Boat Derby Badge Boardwalk Sea Ball May 1st 2013 Hit #3,#4,or #5's in the battle boats round 55 times
Big Words Badge WordJong April 24th 2013 Spell 15 words with 6 or more letters
Token Planet Badge Sci-Fi Slots April 24th 2013 Get 240 radars
In The Red Badge Bingo Luau April 17th 2013 Get 3 Bingos on the red cards
Lord of Landlords Badge MONOPOLY The World Edition April 17th 2013 Have other players pay you rent 40 times
First Class Nap Badge First Class Solitaire April 10th 2013 Win 4 games
Fullest House Badge No Limit Texas Hold'em April 10th 2013 Win 2 hands with a full house or better
Triple Threat Badge SCRABBLE April 10th 2013 Earn 45 triple letter scores
Coin Shower Badge Hog Heaven Slots April 3rd 2013 Earn 500 or more tokens on a single spin 14 times
Coin Collector Badge Slingo Ricochet April 3rd 2013 Earn 114 gold coins
Token Taker Badge Dominoes March 27th 2013 Earn 1300 tokens
Lottso Jackpots Badge Lottso! Express March 27th 2013 Win 14 Jackpot spins
Rockstar Badge Amazing Adventures March 20th 2013 Find 6 differences in the spot the difference bonus game (Play 'The Letter' mission)
Score Four Badge Lost Temple Poker March 20th 2013 Get a '4 of a kind' or better 30 times
Baiting the Trap Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher March 13th 2013 Complete 3 episodes using 5 or less hints in each episode
Vault Plunderer Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots March 13th 2013 Reach the Atlantis Vault bonus game 2 times
Geometry Whiz Badge Mahjong Garden March 6th 2013 Remove 2300 tiles using the 'Geometric' tile set
Power Popper Badge Poppit! Sprint March 6th 2013 Make 3 or more power-up chain reactions 10 times
Stake Out Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies February 27th 2013 Complete 2 episodes
Sharp Shooter Badge Bloons2 February 27th 2013 Pop 2222 balloons
Good Omen Badge Fortune Bingo February 20th 2013 Correctly cover the golden spin square 12 times
Day Tripper Badge Big City Adventure February 20th 2013 Find 120 objects
Lil Rookie Badge Chess February 13th 2013 Earn 200 tokens
Dicey Neighborhood Badge Dice City Roller February 13th 2013 Earn 2013 tokens
Steller Speller Badge QWERTY February 6th 2013 Capture 22 gold stars
Goin Overboard Badge Perfect Pair Solitaire February 6th 2013 Make 32 perfect matches
Euchre Face Badge Euchre January 30th 2013 Win 5 games
Heavy Lifter Badge Word Whomp January 30th 2013 Spell 31 words that start with a vowel
Mini Me Badge Blackjack Carnival January 23rd 2013 Get 20 Blackjacks
The Thousandth Badge Thousand Island Solitaire January 23rd 2013 Get a 'Perfect 1000' on 100 piles
Clownin Around Badge Poppit! January 16th 2013 Release 42 car prizes
Claire-Voyant Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher January 16th 2013 Find 85 objects
Gondoliers Badge Hangman Hijinks January 9th 2013 Score 1000 total points
Spot On Badge Spades January 9th 2013 Earn 213 tokens
Cherry Pie Badge Lottso! January 2nd 2013 Activate 11 Charity cards
Morphology Badge Beaker Creatures January 2nd 2013 Earn 8 Jackpot Spins