Badge Albums contain every Challenge Badge ever offered on Club Pogo.
With your Badge Album, you can look at all of the badges you've won and even win old badges by activating them as Personal Challenges.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Smooth Sailing Badge Pogo Addiction Solitaire December 31st 2014 Correctly place 600 cards
Rack Em Up Badge Lottso! December 31st 2014 Activate 95 cards
Making Contact Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher December 24th 2014 Finish 3 episodes each within 90 minutes
King of Symbols Badge Hog Heaven Slots December 24th 2014 Collect 28 hog heaven symbols
Goal Fever Badge Lottso! Express December 17th 2014 Reach the second goal 9 times
Raining Dogs Badge Poppit! December 17th 2014 Release 95 dog prizes
Bandits on Parade Badge First Class Solitaire December 10th 2014 Win 3 Jackpot Spins
Tile Sweeper Badge Mahjong Garden December 10th 2014 Remove 2300 tiles
Filler Up Badge Beaker Creatures December 3rd 2014 Earn bonus points (fully fill the 3rd test tube) 8 times
Shoot the Gap Badge Zuma's Revenge December 3rd 2014 Make 65 gap shots
Forgotten Treasure Badge Jigsaw Treasure Hunter November 26th 2014 Win 9 Jackpot Spins
Plants Rule Badge Plants vs. Zombies November 26th 2014 Defeat 750 zombies
Bloon Hunter Badge Bloons2 November 19th 2014 Pop 3000 balloons
It's All Timing Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire November 19th 2014 Get to the Gold Treasure Chest 5 times
Pin Dozers Badge Pogo Bowl November 12th 2014 Knock down 1000 pins
Easy Squeezy Badge Sweet Tooth 2 November 12th 2014 Match 12000 pieces of candy
Cornucopia Badge Bejeweled Twist November 5th 2014 Complete 30 levels
Melding Complex Badge Canasta November 5th 2014 Make 38 canastas
Close to Vest Badge No Limit Texas Hold'em October 29th 2014 Win 40 hands
Be Cool Badge Poppit! Sprint October 29th 2014 Pop 11000 red balloons
Wasabi Powered Badge Sushi Cat 2 October 22nd 2014 Eat 1500 Sushi
All Aboard Badge Trizzle October 22nd 2014 Score 450000 points
Stamp Collector Badge Letters from Nowhere October 15th 2014 Find 72 objects
Five Spot Badge YAHTZEE Party! October 15th 2014 Roll 2 Yahtzees with 'fives'
Vision Quest Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies October 8th 2014 Find 15 fogcutters
Hold Tight Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire October 8th 2014 Win 10 games without using any bonus free columns
Hide n Seek Badge Big City Adventure October 1st 2014 Finish 3 episodes
Nest Eggs Badge Phlinx October 1st 2014 Drop a group of 5 or more stones to the ground 180 times
Copy Cows Badge Stack 'em September 24th 2014 Get 20 Jackpot Spins
Multi Dimensional Badge Mahjongg Dimensions September 24th 2014 Achieve 250 levels
In Pursuit Badge Sherlock Holmes September 24th 2014 Complete 25 levels without using hints
Tough Spot Badge Crossword Cove September 17th 2014 Win 1 puzzle on Hard difficulty
Just a Tease Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots September 17th 2014 Get 3 or more 'gold coins' 10 times
Dot Dot Dash Badge Dominoes September 10th 2014 Earn 3000 tokens
Royal Treats Badge Wonderland Memories September 10th 2014 Collect 100 queen cookies
Take a Stab Badge Amazing Adventures September 3rd 2014 Find 8 differences in the spot the difference bonus game
Up Up N' Away Badge Puck's Peak September 3rd 2014 Use power-ups 50 times
Auction Pro Badge Dice City Roller August 27th 2014 Win 15 'Match' auction cards
Offensive Line Badge Connect 4 August 27th 2014 Make 15 'connect 4's
Flock of Combos Badge Mahjong Safari August 20th 2014 Make 150 5X combos(10X combos count double and 15X combos count triple)
No Hints Badge Letters from Nowhere August 20th 2014 Complete 11 levels without using hints
Economy Class Badge World Class Solitaire August 13th 2014 Win 8 games
Early Lead Badge Dice Derby August 13th 2014 Earn 1500 tokens
Happy Landings Badge MONOPOLY Slots August 6th 2014 Win 3 or more lines on a single spin 15 times
Escape Velocity Badge Pop Fu August 6th 2014 Reach the speed round 30 times
Wave Rider Badge Squelchies July 30th 2014 Clear 80 waves
Heavy Hitter Badge BATTLESHIP July 30th 2014 Get 350 hits
Speed Sleuth Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies July 23rd 2014 Complete an episode within 30 minutes 3 times
Warm Power-Ups Badge KenoPop! July 23rd 2014 Collect 14 vertical power-ups
Hand Jive Badge Blackjack Carnival July 16th 2014 Win 150 hands
Happy Scratching Badge Payday FreeCell July 16th 2014 Scratch 20 bonus cards (Must win the game in order to get them counted.)
Nesting Ground Badge Big City Adventure July 9th 2014 Complete 2 episodes with no hints used
On Pins-n-Needles Badge Poppit! Sprint July 9th 2014 Pop 18000 balloons(Play in Classic Sprint Mode)
Spin Happy Badge Hog Heaven Slots July 2nd 2014 Use 18 halos
Mother Lode Badge Sudoku Puzzle Blast July 2nd 2014 Correctly place 180 pieces
Scream Bingo Badge Bingo Luau June 25th 2014 Get 11 Bingos
Ssssmokin' Badge Turbo 21 June 25th 2014 Get 500 21's
King's Ransom Badge Vaults of Atlantis Slots June 18th 2014 Win 25000 tokens
Show it All Badge Wonderland Memories June 18th 2014 Earn the Cheshire Cat's "All Showing" bonus 5 times
Connecting Dots Badge Everyone Wins Bingo June 11th 2014 Call 300 bingos
Vegetarian Badge Word Whomp Whackdown June 11th 2014 Munch 80 total veggies
Divine Discoveries Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher June 4th 2014 Find 160 objects
Hazard Wizard Badge Golf Solitaire June 4th 2014 Clear 100 Hazards
Token Eruption Badge Casino Island Blackjack May 28th 2014 Earn 4500 tokens
Stack Stampede Badge Stack 'em May 28th 2014 Remove 1000 brown cows
Hand Signals Badge Tri-Peaks Solitaire May 21st 2014 Play 80 hands(No need to win)
Yellow Streak Badge Trizzle May 21st 2014 Match 750 yellow dolls
Heat Wave Badge Spades May 14th 2014 Work with your partner to win 150 tricks
Long Winded Badge WordJong May 14th 2014 Spell 20 7-letter words
High Scorer Badge Mahjongg Dimensions May 7th 2014 Score 50000000 points
Thirst for Power Badge Poppit! May 7th 2014 Use 40 power-ups
Quadruple Flush Badge High Stakes Poker April 30th 2014 Win 2 hands with a 'Flush' or better
Secret Weapon Badge Lottso! April 30th 2014 Place 400 balls
Gem Kaleidoscope Badge Ali Baba Slots April 23rd 2014 Win 1300 tokens
Clearly Suited Badge Rainy Day Spider Solitaire April 23rd 2014 Clear 40 black suited sets
Anubis Fetch Badge Phlinx April 16th 2014 Win 40 rounds
Object Overload Badge Undiscovered World April 16th 2014 Find 100 objects
King and Castle Badge Slingo Blast April 9th 2014 Make 120 diagonal slingos
Bonus Windfall Badge Word Search Daily April 9th 2014 Find 40 bonus words
Gem-n-Chain Badge Bejeweled 3 April 2nd 2014 Make 40 3-chain or better combos
Spinning Hits Badge Canasta April 2nd 2014 Get 5 Jackpot Spins
Not So EZ Badge BOGGLE Bash March 26th 2014 Find 200 words that do NOT contain the letter 'E'
Packing Light Badge First Class Solitaire March 26th 2014 Win 1000 tokens
Secret Finder Badge CLUE Secrets & Spies March 19th 2014 Find 200 hidden objects
Coin Trick Badge Sweet Tooth 2 March 19th 2014 Remove 12 chocolate coins
Gin Grin Badge Jungle Gin March 12th 2014 Go Gin 15 times
All the Marbles Badge Slingo Ricochet March 12th 2014 Make 210 Slingos
Mod Squad Badge Aces Up! March 5th 2014 Add 22 planes to your squadron
Menagerie Maker Badge Mahjong Garden March 5th 2014 Complete 13 animals
Party Starter Badge YAHTZEE Party! February 26th 2014 Get 20 points or more 10 times in chance
Gold Talisman Badge Claire Hart: Soul Searcher February 26th 2014 Earn 5200 tokens
Poker Faces Badge Texas Hold'em Poker February 19th 2014 Get 6 Jackpot Spins
Seeing Red Badge Poppit! February 19th 2014 Pop 4200 balloons
Double 3 Road Badge Dominoes February 12th 2014 Play a 'double 3' domino 20 times
Doll Downpour Badge Trizzle February 12th 2014 Play 20 games
Word Wrangler Badge Hangman Hijinks February 5th 2014 Score 500 total points
Golden Path Badge Thousand Island Solitaire February 5th 2014 Play 22 gold stack cards
Good Fortune Badge Fortune Bingo January 29th 2014 Get 15 Jackpot spins
Tree Farmer Badge Harvest Mania January 29th 2014 Earn 2500 tokens
Letter Perfect Badge SCRABBLE January 29th 2014 Play a blank tile 7 times
Grass Board Badge Checkers January 22nd 2014 Capture 40 checkers
Hot Deals Badge Double Deuce Poker January 22nd 2014 Get a Flush or better 10 times
Star Mapper Badge Big City Adventure January 15th 2014 Get 20000 points by collecting bonus score stars
Bonus Bump Badge Shuffle Bump January 15th 2014 Reach the bonus round 7 times
Bulls Eye Badge Quick Quack January 8th 2014 Get 11 Jackpot Spins
Pick-Up Artist Badge 52 Card Pickup January 8th 2014 Score 110000 points(Not counting time bonus score)
Handy Bear Badge Panda Pai Gow Poker January 1st 2014 Win both hands 91 times
Hot-n-Fresh Badge Showbiz Slots January 1st 2014 Win more tokens than your bet 110 times