A Group Challenge is a new and exciting kind of Challenge, where EVERYBODY on Club Pogo is going after the same goal. So if everybody who participates in the Challenge reaches the goal, everybody gets the same special badge. Group Challenges are special events that will happen a few times each year.

We'll give three goals (each harder than the one before) and you'll be able to pitch in just by winning tokens in ANY GAME YOU CHOOSE! There will be an area on the Club Pogo website where you can check both your individual contribution and everybody's overall progress towards the three goals

For each goal that is reached, we'll award everyone with a better badge and a higher token award. If everyone really does the job and you reach the third and ultimate goal, everyone on Club Pogo who contributed will get the special Group Challenge Super Badge, a matching desktop wallpaper and a nice big token payout! Note: Only one badge will be awarded: the badge for the highest goal that the site reaches. So, if the site reaches the "Gold" level, only the final "Gold" badge will be awarded.

Group Challenges are a way to have a challenge that involves everyone in Club Pogo, across all games. Each Group Challenge will consist of 3 "goals" or stages, and each time the Club Pogo members reach a "goal", they win the badge that's associated with that goal. Note that, at the end of the challenge, only the highest "Goal" badge will be awarded, not all three.

It's also very easy to participate. All you have to do to contribute is win tokens in any game during the challenge. You do not need to sign up or take any additional action. We'll keep track of how many tokens everyone wins, and we'll have a page to track everyone's progress.

When the whole group of Club Pogo members has won enough tokens to reach a goal, everyone who participated receives one of the 3 badges! If everyone pitches in enough to reach the third and final goal, we'll give everyone who contributed a super badge, a desktop wallpaper and a nice big token bonus!

Pogo Cares Breast Cancer Challenge - Sep 23rd 2004

These badges have not been released as of yet