Here are the badges and challenges offered for the Iphone.

Badge Image Badge Name Game To Play Date Originally Offered Weekly Challenge
Splish Splash Badge Poppit! November 9th 2011 Release 10 boat prizes!
Plucky Platypus Badge Mahjong Safari November 2nd 2011 Match 20 special tiles!
Major Mallet Badge Word Whomp October 26th 2011 Spell 40 words!
Tooth Fairy Badge Sweet Tooth 2 October 19th 2011 Get 10 5-candy matches!
Tusk Tarter Badge Mahjong Safari October 12th 2011 Make 150 tile matches!
Crash Test Jack Badge Turbo 21 October 5th 2011 Get 50 blackjacks!
Hippo Harmony Badge Mahjong Safari September 28th 2011 Get 10 4x Combos!
Tip of my Tongue Badge Sweet Tooth September 21st 2011 Match 10 wild candies!
Turbo Turnip Badge Word Whomp September 14th 2011 Match 100 stones!
High Octane Badge Turbo 21 September 7th 2011 Spell 10 bonus words!
All Hail Phlinx Badge Phlinx August 31st 2011 Match 100 stones!
Candy Colored Glasses Badge Sweet Tooth 2 August 24th 2011 Make 300 candy matches!
Balloon Wars Badge Poppit August 17th 2011 Win 10 games!
Fender Bender Badge Turbo 21 August 10th 2011 Get 20 5-card Charlies!
Sphinx’s Lost Nose Badge Phlinx August 3rd 2011 Drop 10 big groups!
Aim To Win Badge Word Whomp July 27th 2011 Spell 60 3-letter words!
Balloon Charmer Badge Poppit! July 20th 2011 Release 3 Ghosts!
Chocolate Snap Badge Sweet Tooth July 13th 2011 Get ten 3x Combos!
Red Lobster Badge Mahjong Safari July 6th 2011 Get 5 time bonuses!
Closer Than They Appear Badge Turbo 21 June 29th 2011 Get 10 5-Card charlies!
Pop the Popper Badge Poppit! June 22nd 2011 Release 3 Bees!
Orange Hots Badge Word Whomp June 15th 2011 Spell 6 6-letter words!
Sweet Bounty Badge Sweet Tooth June 8th 2011 Get twenty 2x Combos!
Fish Net Badge Mahjong Safari June 1st 2011 Get thirty 4x Combos!
Turbo Trophy Badge Turbo 21 May 25th 2011 Make ten Lucky 7s!
Swashpopper Badge Poppit! May 18th 2011 Pop 600 balloons!
Over the Gopher Badge Word Whomp May 11th 2011 Spell 75% of the words!
Handy Candy Badge Sweet Tooth 2 May 4th 2011 Make ten 4-matches!
Big Catch Badge Mahjong Safari April 27th 2011 Match 40 special tiles!
Curves Ahead Badge Turbo 21 April 20th 2011 Get ten 21s ten times!
Pop Rocket Badge Poppit! April 13th 2011 Release 3 planes!
Ray of Ra Badge Phlinx April 6th 2011 Use 10 power ups!
Top Hat Turnip Badge Word Whomp March 30th 2011 Find four 5-letter words!
Mighty Molar Badge Sweet Tooth March 23rd 2011 Make five 5-matches!
Safari Hat Badge Mahjong Safari March 16th 2011 Finish 10 puzzles
Horsepower Badge Turbo 21 March 9th 2011 Get 30 blackjacks!
Eye of Spike Badge Poppit! March 2nd 2011 Earn 30 power ups!
Go Phetch Badge Phlinx February 23rd 2011 Drop 200 stones!
Chewy Chomp Badge Word Whomp February 16th 2011 Spell 30 4-letter words!
Just Desserts Badge Sweet Tooth February 9th 2011 Clear 250 caramels!
Zoom Lens Badge Mahjong Safari February 2nd 2011 Complete 3 safari's!
Hit The Road Badge Turbo 21 January 26th 2011 Get 100 21's!
Prince Of Pop Badge Poppit! January 19th 2011 Release 3 saxaphone prizes!
Turnip The Volume Badge Word Whomp January 12th 2011 Spell 50 3-letter words!
Minty Mouth Badge Sweet Tooth January 5th 2011 Match 1,500 candies!
Heard A Herd Badge Mahjong Safari December 29th 2010 Make 700 matches!
Speedster Badge Turbo 21 December 22nd 2010 Get 10 turbo bonuses!
Carrot Chomp Badge Word Whomp December 15th 2010 Chomp 10 carrots!
Pop with Pleasure Badge Poppit! December 9th 2010 Release 100 prizes!