Pogo offers secret badges while playing certain games. Some of these badges show up in your badge album under "Game Award Badges". You can see what you have to accomplish to earn these badges. Here are the "In-Game" badges you can win:

Terrifically Tenacious Badge Miss 50,000 times
Battleship Bomber Badge Sink 2,500 Battleships

Secret Blooop Badge Win a special type of Blooop game

See how to get the secret blooop badge HERE

Boggle Bash:
Team Player Badge Get 750 Jackpot Spins
Panic Attack Badge Play through 2000 Panic Flips
Boggle Badge Badge Badge Spell the word "BADGE"
Boggle Wordsmith Badge Find a word of 10 or more letters

Crossword Cove:
Time Limit Badge Complete a puzzle in 15 minutes or less 100 times
Perfect Pen Badge Complete 100 Perfect Pen Puzzles
Filled Month Badge Fill a month's worth of puzzles

Everyone Wins Bingo:
Lights Out! Badge Blackout 25 cards
Wild Mushrooms Badge Pass 25,000 wild pine cones to your teammates

Golf Solitaire:
Flawless Victory! Badge Score perfectly on all five holes

Jigsaw Treasure Hunter:
Master Treasure Hunter Badge Achieve 5,000 points
Adventurer Badge Complete all categories
Thrill Seeker Badge Finish 50 random puzzles in unlocked puzzle mode

Lottso! Express:
Bingo Bonanza Badge Complete 50,000 bingos
Stupendous Scratcher Badge Complete 20,000 scratcher cards

Minigolf Madness:
Bird's Eye Badge Complete 99 holes under Par
One-Hit Wonder Badge Make 50 Holes-in-One

Monopoly - Here And Now:
Big Roller Badge Roll double-sixes three times on the same turn
Jail Bird Badge Get out of jail, only to re-enter jail on the same turn
Getting Crowded Here Badge Having all four players land on the same space

Omaha Poker:
The Royal Lush Badge Get a Royal Flush (without using Jokers)
The King Of The Table Badge Get 4 aces in a hand (without using Jokers)
Rising Star Badge Get dealt four hole cards of the same rank

Scrabble 500 Bingos Badge Play 500 Bingos!
Scrabble 8 8-Letter Words Badge Play 8 8-Letter Words
Scrabble 100 Points Badge Score 100 Points on a turn

Texas Hold 'em Poker:
Natural Royal Flush Badge Get a Royal Flush (without using Jokers)
Natural Four Aces Badge Get 4 aces in a hand (without using Jokers)

Thousand Island Solitaire:
Gotta Deliver 'Em All! Badge Deliver 30 unique items
14K Gold Badge Pick up 14,000 treasure chests

Trivial Pursuit:
Trivia Wizard Badge Answer 450 Questions without any revealed misleads to earn this badge.
Trivia Warrior Badge Earn 75 bonus wedges to earn this badge.

Other badges show up in your badge album under "Special Edition Badges". Pogo does not tell you how to get these badges. Here are the "Secret" badges you can win:

Mahjong Safari:
Gift Giver Badge Give 1,000 gifts
Matchmaker Badge Match 50,000 tiles

Super Dominoes:
Super Dominoes Club 100 Badge Earn 100 points in a single move