Case # 1
Disappearing Act (September 2004)

Luxor's Stage Show The Craps Table A Dark Alley Lovebirds The Construction Site

Case # 2
Lost Soul (October 2004)

The Horn Player Voo Doo Dolls The Graveyard Ghostly Voice Lost Soul Found

Case # 3
That Lady is a Man! (November 2004)

Big Boat Cosmetics Clerk The Scent In Question Crusty Loaves Skunked

Case # 4
Who Canned Christmas? (December 2004)

Dogged Reindeer Heavy Barbell Beefy Steak Snowy Trees Santa's Diet

Case # 5
Death by Darjeeling (January 2005)

Opera Glasses Broken Teacup Security Detail Deadly Poison Emerald Eyes

Case # 6
Bit And Run (February 2005)

Chocolates Dead Flowers Cave Painting Trapped! Romantic Dinner

Case # 7
A Day at the Races (March 2005)

Horse Race Syringe Sandwich Gift Horse Guilty Look

Case # 8
The Mobster's Ball (April 2005)

Supperclub Ambulance Edge of Town Five Alarm Fire Stethescope

Case # 9
The Lucky Cat (May 2005)

Break-in Forgien Document Samurai Japantown Under Arrest

Case # 10
Gone to the Dogs (June 2005)

Bulldog Foot Long Hoagie Crackers Dog Park Meat Locker

Case # 11
Headless Holiday (July 2005)

Uncle Sam Cotton Candy Kid Ferris Wheel Fireworks George Washington

Case # 12
The Missing Watchmaker (August 2005)

Watch Marble Statue Pressed Shirts Makeup Bag Moving Inventory

Case # 13
Case of the Monkey Bar (September 2005)

Coconut Volcano Tree House Monkey Business Piece of Cake

Case # 14
Case of the Missing Keys (October 2005)

Alarm Clock Under My Hat Disaster Area Phone Call The Keys

Case # 15
The Disoriented Express (November 2005)

Manuscript The Prairie Fettucine Caboose The Train

Case # 16
Easy As Cake (December 2005)

French Pastry Hand Blender Chef's Hat The Bird Chocolate Cake

Case # 17
Tailing My Own Tail (January 2006)

Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed

Case # 18
The Art of Framing (February 2006)

Break In Old Files Crackerbox Badge Daily Planner Security Camera

Case # 19
The Stakeout (March 2006)

Surveillance Photos Fire Escape Trash Can Smell Camera Busted!

Case # 20
Mouse in a Maze (April 2006)

Pipes Shipping Containers A Maze The Whisk Leaky Faucet

Case # 21
Case of the Lost Gino (May 2006)

Cereal Skateboarding Dog Burnt Toast Bunch of Sausages Popsicle

Case # 22
The Last Precious Thing (June 2006)

Antique Car Diamonds Mediterranean Villa Boxing Match Everything They Had

Case # 23
Rest and Relaxation (July 2006)

Country Cabin Stranger in the Woods Abandon Mine Shaft Gold Nuggets Wildflowers

Case # 24
Mind She Came From (August 2006)

World Map Tropical Beach Sled Dogs Cargo Ship Bamboo Forest

Case # 25
Living Light Bulb (September 2006)

Chemicals Light Bulb Bioluminescence Dark Glasses Bright Lights

Case # 26
The Doggie Spa (October 2006)

Medallion Dog Grooming Trophy Conveyor Belt Great Pyrenees

Case # 27
The Hero Within (November 2006)

Spiral Notebook Old Shoe Digging a Hole Vicious Dog Steam Room

Case # 28
Tex Carter Lives (December 2006)

Metal Blade Fake Wall Computer Hacker Pith Helmet Happy Birthday

Case # 29
Cat Burglar (January 2007)

Cat food Saucer of Milk Mudpie Lasagna Sleepy Cat

Case # 30
Bifocal Foible (February 2007)

Eye Exam Telescope Funny Glasses Videotape Popcorn

Case # 31
Trendy Boot Caper (March 2007)

Northern Lights Snowboard Love Letter Passport Ski Lodge

Case # 32
Freud's Liver (April 2007)

Party Ballons Keys In The News Coral Beads Anatomical Model

Case # 33
Good Housekeeping (May 2007)

Potpourri District Suburban Living Vacuuming Auditorium White Carpet

Case # 34
A Faire Caper (June 2007)

Sword and Sheild Glass Eye Royal Crown Blown Glass Remote Control

Case # 35
The Re-Gifter (July 2007)

Flooded Toilet Scented Candle Hairbrush Smoke Alarm Wet Chair

Case # 36
The Vanishing Moth (August 2007)

Monkeyhouse The Diner Shoebox Lunar Halo Moth Polyphemus Moth

Case # 37
The Sickly Orchid (September 2007)

Orchid Swimming Pool Apartment 32 Blueprints Violets

Case # 38
The Persistent Snakes(October 2007)

The Sink Intruder! Tools of the Trade Potpourri The Watershed

Case # 39
Case of the Summer Storms (November 2007)

Lightning Chewing Cud Out in the Fields The Barn The Gears Grind On

Case # 40
Case of the Dainty Elephant (December 2007)

Country Road Bed and Breakfast Dainty Daisy Daisy in Chains Merry-Go-Round

Case # 41
Case of the Missing Helmet (January 2008)

Bowling Night Rainy Night Eye of the Storm It's Electric The Helmet

Case # 42
The Flighty Librarian (February 2008)

A Quick Spin Hung Out To Dry Clean Scene Rubber Ducky Dinner for two

Case # 43
The Irish Musician (March 2008)

Tea And Scones Music Shop Thumping Rhythm The Guitar Girl's Worst Enemy

Case # 44
It's All Greek To Me (April 2008)

The Blue Door A New Friend The Blue Dome Twisty Passages Windmills of Mykonos

Case # 45
Norwegian Wall (May 2008)

The Wall Humble Home Beach Companion Oslo In the Wild

Case # 46
The Missing Dentist (June 2008)

Tools of the Trade Breaking the Bank Empty Halls A Dog's Life Not My Type

Case # 47
Golden Peaches (July 2008)

Invite to Tea Research Constant Companion The Monkey Shaking the Tree

Case # 48
Thorny Relations (August 2008)

Rabbit Driving Away Constant Canine Waiting House Patriotic Leanings

Case # 49
Coyote's Eyes (September 2008)

Coyote Cattle Rustling Viva Las Vegas Painted Desert Last Laugh?

Case # 50
Office Romance (October 2008)

Final Rest That Time of Year Beside the Point Nobody Home Oh, Candy

Case # 51
The Crafty Fiance (November 2008)

Scene of the Crime The Interview Illicit Delivery Tools of the Trade? Romance for Two

Case # 52
Family Business (December 2008)

Trouble in Paradise And They're Off Greener Pastures Competitive Nature Gift of the Magi

Case # 53
Under Pressure (January 2009)

Empty Nest On the Trail Proud as a... Math is hard Building a Future

Case # 54
Prodigal Son (February 2009)

Young Love Blackmail Can't Take the Heat? Return to Sender Competitive Nature

Case # 55
Golden Years (March 2009)

Bad Habits Fishing Expedition Variety is the Spice Nest Egg Trojans Bearing Gifts?

Case # 56
Something Rotten (April 2009)

Family Time King of the Road Big Shoes to Fill Too Many Treats A Manly Conflict

Case # 57
Whither Art Thou? (May 2009)

Life of the Party Predator Missing Elopers Puppy Love

Case # 58
The Imperfect Storm (June 2009)

Ship Shape Tempest in a Teapot Flotsam & Jetsam Relaxation Untangling the Knot

Case # 59
The Scottish Case (July 2009)

A Thorny Problem Blushing Ingenue All Dressed Up A Sneeze By Any Other Name Turn Out the Lights

Case # 60
Case of the Colliding Cases (August 2009)

Eye on the Prize When the Cat's Away Shell Game Casting a Wider Net Lost Childhood

Case # 61
Rabbit Hunt (September 2009)

Run Rabbit, Run Fuel for the Fire Crushed Hopes A Prickly Situation The Missing Piece

Case # 62
Old Debts (October 2009)

Black Widow Dead Ends What's Your Frequency Broken Chain Battling the Dragon

Case # 63
Ultimate Mystery (November 2009)

Fragile and New Relationship Currency Cause for Alarm? Key To it All Tied Up In Knots

Case # 64
An Old Nemesis (December 2009)

Faulty Communication A Bitter Pill Is This Thing On? Buddy, Spare a Dime? Slippery Path

Case # 65
Old Flames & New Fears (January 2010)

A Perfect Match That Old Saw Walking on Broken Glass Like A Beacon It's About Trust

Case # 66
The Prickly Perp (February 2010)

Probing the Issue Prickly Personality Defensive Reaction Dangers in the Desert A Mindful Poke

Case # 67
The Reliable Runaway (March 2010)

Tightly Wound A Regular Guy A Certain Future On a Time Time Table The Tortoise By a Hair

Case # 68
The Willapa Wascals (April 2010)

Carving out a Niche Ranged Rover Pail of Another Color Toothy Trouble Like Buttah

Case # 69
Blue Skies (May 2010)

April Showers A Promise Bluebird of Happiness Greener Pastures May Flowers

Case # 70
My Way (July 2010)

Longing to See Her No One is Watching Mistaken Identity Solo Performance Final Curtain